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Mapping the World

A Mapping and Coloring Book of World History, Volume Two: Since 1300

Bonnie G. Smith, Marc Van De Mieroop, Richard Von Glahn, and Kris Lane

Publication Date - 20 November 2018

ISBN: 9780190922429

128 pages
8-1/2 x 11 inches

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Provides an opportunity to deepen understanding of world history through coloring exercises


This two-volume workbook includes approximately thirty-five reference maps and fifty outline maps that provide opportunities to deepen understanding of world history through coloring exercises.

About the Author(s)

Bonnie G. Smith is Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of History Emerita at Rutgers University.

Marc Van De Mieroop is Professor of History at Columbia University.

Richard von Glahn is Professor of History at University of California, Los Angeles.

Kris Lane is the France Vinton Scholes Chair in Colonial Latin American History at Tulane University.

Table of Contents


    Reference Maps

    European Exploration and Conquest, c. 1450 - 1601
    Africa and the Atlantic, c. 1450 - 1800
    The Indian Ocean and South Asia, 1450 - 1600
    Europe and the Greater Mediterranean, c. 1600
    Eurasian Trade and Empires, c. 1700
    New World Colonies, c. 1750
    Wars and Revolutions in the Atlantic World, 1750 - 1830
    The Spread of Industrialization
    Nation-States, c. 1880
    The Spread of Imperialism, 1850 - 1914
    War and Revolutions, 1910 - 1922
    World War II, 1937 - 1945
    Independence Movements and New Nations, 1945 - 1990
    OPEC, Pacific Tigers, and Global Migrations, 1960 - 1990
    The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Disintegration of the Soviet Union, 1989 - 1991
    Lines of Conflict in the Muslim World
    Emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
    Per Capita Income, 2017

    Outline Maps

    Starting Points: Find Your Place in the World
    Europe and the Greater Mediterranean, 1346 - 1453
    The Aztec Empire, 1325 - 1521
    Voyages of Discovery, 1405 - 1600
    The Atlantic Slave Trade, c. 1450 - 1600
    The Indian Ocean in 1600
    The Ottoman Empire, 1453 - 1683
    The Reformation
    The Qing Dynasty, 1644 - 1799
    New World Colonies in 1750
    Wars and Revolutions in the Atlantic World, 1750 - 1830
    The Industrializing World and Global Migrations, c. 1830 - 1914
    Treaty Ports and Foreign Spheres of Influence in China, 1842 - 1907
    The British Empire in India, 1858 - 1914
    The Scramble for Africa, 1880 - 1914
    The Imperial Division of Asia, c. 1914
    The Decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1683 - 1923
    World War I
    Women's Suffrage Around the World
    The Great Depression
    The Expansion of Nazi Germany, 1933 - 1939
    Japanese Expansion, 1931 - 1942
    World War II in Europe, 1942 - 1945
    World War II in the Pacific, 1942 - 1945
    The Division of Postwar Europe
    Decolonization in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia
    The Cold War, 1947 - 1991
    The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
    The Oil Crisis of 1973
    The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
    U.S. Military Involvement in the Middle East since 2001
    A Global Economy
    The Threatened Environment
    Ending Points: The Human Development Index

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