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Mapping the World

A Mapping and Coloring Book of World History, Volume One: To 1500

Bonnie G. Smith, Marc Van De Mieroop, Richard Von Glahn, and Kris Lane

Publication Date - 20 November 2018

ISBN: 9780190922412

130 pages
8-1/2 x 11 inches

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Provides an opportunity to deepen understanding of world history through coloring exercises


This two-volume workbook includes approximately thirty-five reference maps and fifty outline maps that provide opportunities to deepen understanding of world history through coloring exercises.

About the Author(s)

Bonnie G. Smith is Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of History Emerita at Rutgers University.

Marc Van De Mieroop is Professor of History at Columbia University.

Richard von Glahn is Professor of History at University of California, Los Angeles.

Kris Lane is the France Vinton Scholes Chair in Colonial Latin American History at Tulane University.

Table of Contents


    Reference Maps

    Out of Africa
    Southwest Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean, c. 5000-1200 BCE
    The Nomads and Settlers of Early Eurasia
    Rise of the First Empires
    The Spread of Hellenism
    Empires and Exchange in Asia, 500 BCE-500 CE
    The Roman and Sasanid Empires, c. 260 CE
    Peoples of Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands, c. 3000 BCE-500 CE
    Christian and Islamic Lands, c. 750
    Cross-Cultural Exchange in Asia, 400-1000
    Formation of Regional Societies in the Americas and the Pacific, 300-1200 CE
    Commercial Crossroads in Afro-Eurasia, c. 1300
    The Major Written Languages of Eurasia, c. 1300
    Eurasian Integration, c. 1050-1351
    Afro-Eurasian in the Early Fifteenth Century
    The Western Hemisphere, c. 1501
    European Exploration and Conquest, c. 1450-1601

    Outline Maps

    Starting Points: Find Your Place in the World
    Early Human Origins to 80,000 BCE
    Out of Africa: Human Migrations to 15,000 BCE
    The Ancient Near East to 1200 BCE
    Ancient India to 500 BCE
    Shang and Zhou China
    Africa, c. 6000 BCE-400 CE
    The Pacific Islands, c. 4000 BCE-1000 CE
    The Americas, 1200 BCE-600 CE
    Egypt, Nubia, and the Middle East, 1500 BCE-250 CE
    The Empires of Persia, 559 BCE-651 CE
    Greeks of Phoenicians in the Ancient Mediterranean, c. 750-550 BCE
    Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Kingdoms
    Empires of Asia, 500 BCE-500 CE
    The Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, 264 BCE-395 CE
    Central and East Asia, c. 650
    Byzantium and Islam to 1000
    The Americas, 300-1200
    Afro-Eurasia, c. 1150-1300
    India and Southeast Asia, 640-1100 CE
    Eurasia, 1037-1350
    Europe and the Greater Mediterranean, 1346-1453
    The Aztec Empire, 1325-1521
    The Inca Empire, 1325-1521
    Voyages of Discovery, 1405-1600
    Ending Points: The Human Development Index

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