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Managing Public Relations

Methods and Tools

Peter Smudde

Publication Date - November 2014

ISBN: 9780199985173

352 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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Expertly provides business and public relations students with all the tools to run a public relations operation from the ground up


Focusing on the day-to-day matters of running a PR operation, Managing Public Relations is the first book to balance both corporate and agency needs while addressing the management of a public relations function. Its unique approach stresses the function of PR within the larger scope of business, showing students how to think like their future bosses and colleagues and making them more competitive in today's job market.

* Gives students the business know-how they need in order to succeed in public relations
* Directly applies current, foundational research to the day-to-day management concerns of public relations operations, allowing students to connect theory to practice in a demanding environment
* Balances coverage of both agency and corporate (for-profit, non-profit, non-governmental, and governmental organizations) public relations operations
* "Executive Viewpoints"-first-person testimonials from actual PR executives-bring concepts, methods, and tools to life for readers as they realize how senior managers work and why
* Rich pedagogy in each chapter assists students in their reading
* A Companion Website offers resources for students and instructors, and an Instructor's Manual is available to adopters (please see the preface for details)


  • Up-to-date explanations and examples of management practices and technologies not addressed in other and older texts, which would bring to bear an ample range of scenarios on readers' need to how they work. The chapters' content and design allows individual instructors to (a) apply their own knowledge and experiences to build upon that content (plus an instructor's manual) and (b) take the class in directions that fulfill their learning interests.
  • First-person testimonials from actual PR executives representing corporate and agency worlds - "Executive Viewpoints" - about key concepts in the chapters make concepts, methods and tools all the more "real" to readers as they realize how they work and why.

About the Author(s)

Peter Smudde is Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Public Relations Program at Illinois State University. He has been widely recognized for his work, including winning awards from the Public Relations Society of America, the International Association for Business Communication, and the Society for Technical Communication. His previous books include Power and Public Relations and Inspiring Cooperation and Celebrating Organizations: Genres, Message Design, and Strategy in Public Relations.


"The go-to guide on how to manage the important function of public relations."--Sandra Duhé, Southern Methodist University

"This text provides more content on business related strategies than other PR texts. The writing is clear and well edited, and is accessible to readers with limited business knowledge."--Jeffrey Brand, University of Northern Iowa

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Leadership & Management in Public Relations: Two Sides of the Same Coin

    Chapter 2: Distinctions Between Corporate & Agency Operations

    Chapter 3: Professionalism, Ethics, and Law: The Good Person Representing Organizations Well

    Chapter 4: Operations Tools I: Plans, Budgets, Time Management, & Billing

    Chapter 5: Operations Tools II: Performance Measurement, Performance Reviews, & Human Resources Management

    Chapter 6: Decision Making in Tune with the Corporate Strategic Plan

    Chapter 7: Business-development Principles

    Chapter 8: Requests for Proposals (RFPs) & New-business Pitches

    Chapter 9: Team Management

    Chapter 10: Client-centered Communication

    Chapter 11: Personal Career Planning Strategies

    Appendix A: Strategic Plan Content Summary
    Appendix B: Example Strategic Plan
    Appendix C: Calling Scripts
    Appendix D: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Beyond


Teaching Resources

Ancillary Resource Center (ARC): at www.oup-arc.com is a convenient, instructor-focused single destination for resources to accompany your text. Accessed online through individual user accounts, the ARC provides instructors with access to up-to-date ancillaries at any time while guaranteeing the security of grade-significant resources. In addition, it allows OUP to keep instructors informed when new content becomes available. Available on the ARC:


·         Instructor’s Manual: (9780199985180) Instructors will find useful, instructor-focused material in an instructor’s manual, which provides guidance and ideas for class discussions, assignments, and a course syllabus.