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A. F. Orchard

Publication Date - 29 May 2003

ISBN: 9780198792789

176 pages


This new title in the Oxford Chemistry Primers series provides an introductory survey of the magnetic properties of chemical compounds with a particular focus, later in the book, on paramagnets. It also illustrates the applications of both susceptibility measurements and EPR spectra in the characterisation of electronic structures. The uses of


  • A much needed elementary introduction to the field of Magnetochemistry
  • Assumes a minimal amount of background knowledge of the physical concepts underlying the subject
  • Highlights the practical applications of the theory in magnetics technology
  • Oxford Chemistry Primers are affordable and accessible

About the Author(s)

Mr A F Orchard is a lecturer in inorganic chemistry and a fellow of University College, Oxford

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to the principles and phenomenology of bulk magnetism
    2. Electronic structure of atoms and the implications for magnetism
    3. Selected aspects of bulk magnetism - additional considerations
    4. Paramagnetism - Part I: Atomic and quasi-atomic systems
    5. Paramagnetism - Part II: Compounds of the transition elements

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