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Logic for Philosophy

Theodore Sider

Publication Date - 07 March 2010

ISBN: 9780199575589

304 pages

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Designed for both advanced undergraduate and graduate students, this groundbreaking work by a leading philosopher of logic is ideal for courses in logical literacy. Logic for Philosophy covers basic approaches to logic (including proof theory and especially model theory); extensions of standard logic that are important in philosophy; and some elementary philosophy of logic. Easily accessible to students without extensive mathematics backgrounds, this lucid and vividly written text emphasizes breadth of coverage rather than depth. Featuring numerous exercises, answers, and helpful hints, it concisely and effectively introduces students to the logic they need to know in order to read contemporary philosophy journal articles.

About the Author(s)

Theodore Sider is Professor of Philosophy at New York University

Table of Contents

    1. What is Logic?
    2. Propositional Logic
    3. Beyond Standard Propositional Logic
    4. Predicate Logic
    5. Beyond Standard Predicate Logic
    6. Propositional Modal Logic
    7. Beyond Standard MPL
    8. Counterfactuals
    9. Quantified Modal Logic
    10. Two-dimensional Modal Logic
    Answers and Hints