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Liberty's Tears

Soviet Portraits of the "American Way of Life" During the Cold War

Alan Ball

Publication Date - February 2015

ISBN: 9780195375312

400 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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A collection of Soviet articles, organized by topic, offering commentary on various aspects of American society, politics, economy, and foreign policy


Published here for the first time in English, this unique collection of articles illustrates how the Soviet media portrayed the U.S. during the Cold War. Organized by topic, Liberty's Tears: Soviet Portraits of the "American Way of Life" During the Cold War offers commentary on diverse aspects of American life, including politics, money, crime, sports, religion, and popular culture. Exploring the propaganda struggle that played a significant role in the Cold War, Liberty's Tears includes articles from Soviet periodicals intended for a mass audience of ordinary citizens. Unlike the interminable speeches of party leaders presented in full pages of tiny print in Pravda and Izvestiia, these items were meant to be engaging and even entertaining for millions of casual Soviet readers. Headnotes and chapter introductions provide extensive context, while the provocative and critical focus on American life will be sure to spark student discussion.

About the Author(s)

Alan Ball is Professor of History at Marquette University. He is the author of Imagining America (2003), And Now My Soul is Hardened (1994), and Russia's Last Capitalists (1987).

Table of Contents

    List of Periodicals
    Note on Conventions
    Introduction: The American Way of Life

    Chapter 1: Politics
    Democracy American Style
    This Can Happen
    Ronnie Shoots from the Hip
    Voters from the Next World
    The Personal Life of Congressman Gallagher
    Still Just Warming Up
    Will I Be Governor?

    Chapter 2: Capitalism
    The Green Van
    Mellon Shames Nero
    People's Millionaires and People's Unemployed
    Two Americas
    Business By Swindling
    Together with His Favorite Dog, Bertha
    At the "Olympic Pie"

    Chapter 3: Propaganda
    Point-Blank Question
    One Hundred Days in Saigon
    Voice from the Swamp
    Accredited in Moscow
    A Million for a Myth
    In the Fog of Slander
    Personal Friend

    Chapter 4: Police State
    "I Refuse to Pay for the Rope which They Want to Use to Hang Me"
    Not Very Secret Plaster
    Black Lists
    "Crime and Punishment"
    Who is Next?
    Political Hypocrites
    The Mystery of the "Red Diary" of Marilyn Monroe

    Chapter 5: America Abroad
    Match With Tommy Fog
    "Made in the USA"
    The White American Butterfly
    Meeting on the 37th Floor
    A Substitution on the CIA Team
    The Watch of Nicholas Sirgado
    One Day at Noon Over Barbados

    Chapter 6: Racism
    That Was Lo-ong Ago!
    Murders on 14th Street
    Racist Practices in the "Dream Factory"
    Ordinary Racism

    Chapter 7: Violence and Crime
    Bringing Up Johnny
    Ordinary Murder
    A Detective Story on a State Scale
    USA: A Society of Terror and Crime
    And the Ladies Shoot
    The United Trembling States
    Armed Maniac in the "Coliseum"

    Chapter 8: Culture
    The Movie Poison of Wall Street
    Johnny Lives in New York
    On Playboy Magazine
    Orgy at Finch College
    "Hippy Land" Goes to the Bottom
    How "Hits" are Made
    Literary Highwayman

    Chapter 9: Sports
    Gloves or Handcuffs?
    American Football
    Princes and Beggars
    Basketball in the USA
    Behind the Scenes of the Professional Rings
    In the Embrace of "Black Beauty"

    Chapter 10: Religion
    The Cardinal from Wall Street
    Mama, Papa, Baby and Jehovah
    Pornography and Sanctimonious People
    The New Adventures of Darwin in America

    Chapter 11: Women
    Is this Really a "Friend"?
    Anxiety About the Future
    The Pretty Girls of LOOK and the Workday Routine of Mildred Mason
    The Sad, Sad, Sad World. American Journalist Betty Friedan on the Position of Women in the USA
    Mothers for Hire
    How Difficult It is to be a Woman

    Chapter 12: Overtaking America
    Two Ideals
    Stumbling in Space
    "And How is it with Freedom Over There?"
    Two Fates
    Americans Learn About a Russian Farm
    Why I Left America

    Chapter 13: A Lighter Touch
    Notes on Basketball in the USA
    Meetings in Hollywood
    Two Weeks in the USA
    Roswell Garst and his Farm
    How I Was an American Farmer