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Leadership and Management Development

Jan L. Carmichael, Chris Collins, Peter Emsell, and Jon Haydon

Publication Date - March 2011

ISBN: 9780199580873

424 pages
9.7 x 7.4 inches

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Written by a team of experienced practitioners who have worked in HR in many organizational sectors, Leadership and Management Development offers students an ideal blend of critical and practice-based approaches. Drawing on their extensive backgrounds, the authors combine insights from the latest research with a multitude of cases and examples. A truly international range of cases--along with examples from both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors and from organizations of all sizes--provide a well-rounded demonstration of how management and leadership work across all areas. The cases are followed by reflective questions and problem-based scenarios that encourage academic, practical, and personal development and provide opportunities for assessment.

Leadership and Management Development also includes separate chapters on two key issues--ethics and diversity--and a wide range of pedagogical features and academic references. The text is enhanced by a Companion Website containing resources for students (full audio podcasts featuring practitioners who expand on case studies from the book; sample exam questions with answers; a flashcard glossary; annotated web links arranged by topic; and further reading updates) and instructors (PowerPoint-based slides for each chapter; a teaching outline and answers to questions; and seminar activities).

About the Author(s)

Jan Carmichael is Head of the Division of HR in the Business School at the University of Huddersfield.

Chris Collins is a Senior Lecturer in HRM at the University of Huddersfield, where his responsibilities include teaching overseas in South Asia.

Peter Emsell is a part-time Senior Lecturer in HR at the University of Huddersfield.

Jon Haydon is a Senior Lecturer in the Business School at the University of Huddersfield.


"Students will like this book because it offers a highly processed analysis that introduces important contextual influences and deals explicitly with the management development 'things' their organizations do."--Michael Clark, University of the West of England

"The authors use international case studies as well as UK ones, which is of paramount importance today."--David Bright, Hull University Business School

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    Part 1: Leadership and Management Development Context and Strategy
    2. Leadership and Management Development (LMD) and Organizational Strategies
    3. Contextual Factors in Leadership and Management Development
    4. Historical Development of Leadership and Management Development
    5. The Nature of Leadership and Management
    Part 2: Understanding Learning of Leaders and Managers
    6. How Does Learning Occur in Leadership and Management Development?
    7. Individual Differences in Leadership and Management Development
    Part 3: Learning Processes, Interventions, and Evaluation
    8. Leadership and Management Development Processes to Add Value
    9. Design and Delivery of Leadership and Management Development Interventions
    10. Evaluation of Leadership and Management Development
    Part 4: Contemporary Issues in Leadership and Management Development
    11. Developing Leaders and Managers for a Diverse Workforce
    12. Developing Ethical Leaders and Managers
    13. Developing Leaders and Managers with a Global Competence
    14. Summary and Thoughts for the Future

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