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Law, Justice, and Society

A Sociolegal Introduction

Sixth Edition

Anthony Walsh, Craig Hemmens, and Marianne Hudson

Publication Date - 06 September 2022

ISBN: 9780197619261

512 pages
7 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches

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The best introduction to law and society, with a sociolegal approach featuring coverage of gender, race, class, and comparative law


An accessible and lively introduction to the field, Law, Justice, and Society: A Sociolegal Introduction, Sixth Edition, explores the relationship between legal systems and other social institutions using a distinctive sociological point of view. Anthony Walsh, Craig Hemmens, and Marianne Hudson provide detailed discussions of the various ways in which law impacts people based on race, class, gender, and age while also introducing students to the origins of the law, the history and development of the American legal system, the sociology of law, court structure, and the difference between civil and criminal law.

New to this Edition

  • Update the case examples that open every chapter. Customers like the technique of analyzing laws and their impact vs. providing lengthy original cases, and request current, practical applications of the law. The revised text will include the latest Supreme Court rulings so the authors can include current, high profile, high interest court case topics in the new edition
  • A new feature box will be added per chapter, on "Ethical and Moral Issues," which will provide scenarios for student reflect and discussion
  • Add coverage of current topics such as police use of force, gender and racial issues
  • Continue to improve the visual interest by including additional charts, tables, figures and photos in the new edition


  • Balances legal studies with a sociological perspective
  • Wide appeal across disciplines including Political Science, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies
  • Includes a chapter on Women and the Law
  • The only law and society textbook to dedicate a chapter to issues of race, including the fight against slavery, the struggle of Native Americans to maintain their cultural independence, and the experiences of those of Asian and Hispanic descent in the United States
  • Contains a chapter on comparative law
  • Engaging writing style and manageable length
  • Provides analysis of cases and their impact, instead of lengthy original cases-focuses students on critical aspects of the case details

About the Author(s)

Anthony Walsh is a Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Boise State University.

Craig Hemmens is a Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University.

Marianne Hudson is a Lecturer in the Department of Criminal Justice at Boise State University.


"This book nicely blends the disciplines of criminal justice, law, political science, and sociology. It offers a broad range of topics with in-depth coverage, and gives instructors the tools needed to understand today's substantive debates about the future of law, law enforcement, and criminal justice reforms."--Samuel Lucas McMillan, Lander University

"Law, Justice, and Society is very accessible to students. It presents the material in a clear and engaging way, and I found the chapters to be interesting and on point. I also appreciate its affordability."--Susan Maggioni, MassBay Community College

"As an attorney and Professor of Legal Studies, I appreciate the sociolegal approach that the authors take with this book. I wouldn't change anything about it."--Antoinette France-Harris, Clayton State University

"Law, Justice, and Society covers a wide variety of complex topics in a manner that is easily understood. I've used the book four times and plan on using it again."--David Allender, Butler University

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1. Law: Its Function and Purpose

    Chapter 2. Justice and The Law

    Chapter 3. Making Law

    Chapter 4. Federal and State Courts

    Chapter 5. Crime and Criminal Law

    Chapter 6. Criminal Procedure

    Chapter 7. Civil and Administrative Law

    Chapter 8. Juvenile Justice

    Chapter 9. The Law and Social Control

    Chapter 10. The Limits of Social Control: Policing Vice

    Chapter 11. Law, Social Change, and The Class Struggle

    Chapter 12. Women and The Law (by Mary K. Stohr)

    Chapter 13. Racial Minorities and The Law

    Chapter 14. Comparative Law: Law in Other Cultures

    Appendix A: Constitution of the United States of America
    Appendix B: Student-Friendly Legal Websites

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