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Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium

Bart D. Ehrman

Publication Date - 31 May 2001

ISBN: 9780195124743

288 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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A provocative portrait of Jesus as an apocalyptic visionary who taught his followers to prepare for the imminent end of the world


In this highly accessible discussion, Bart Ehrman examines the most recent textual and archaeological sources for the life of Jesus, along with the history of first-century Palestine, drawing a fascinating portrait of the man and his teachings.

Ehrman shows us what historians have long known about the Gospels and the man who stands behind them. Through a careful evaluation of the New Testament (and other surviving sources, including the more recently discovered Gospels of Thomas and Peter), Ehrman proposes that Jesus can be best understood as an apocalyptic prophet--a man convinced that the world would end dramatically within the lifetime of his apostles and that a new kingdom would be created on earth. According to Ehrman, Jesus' belief in a coming apocalypse and his expectation of an utter reversal in the world's social organization not only underscores the radicalism of his teachings but also sheds light on both the appeal of his message to society's outcasts and the threat he posed to Jerusalem's established leadership.


  • A controversial look at Jesus by one of the world's most respected Biblical scholars

About the Author(s)

Bart D. Ehrman is Bowman and Gordon Gray Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is the author of many books, including The New Testament: A Historical Introduction and The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture.

Table of Contents

    1. The End of History as We Know It
    2. Who was Jesus? Why It's So Hard to Know
    3. How Did the Gospels Get to Be This Way?
    4. Looking about a Bit: Non-Christian Sources for the Historical Jesus
    5. Looking about a Bit More: Other Christian Sources for the Historical Jesus
    6. Moving on to the Past: How Can We Reconstruct the Life of Jesus?
    7. Finding a Fit: Jesus in Context
    8. Jesus the Apocalyptic Prophet
    9. The Apocalyptic Teachings of Jesus
    10. A Place for Everything: Jesus' Other Teachings in Their Apocalyptic Context
    11. Not in Word Only: The Associates, Deeds, and Controversies of Jesus in Apocalyptic Context
    12. The Last Days of Jesus
    13. From Apocalyptic Prophet to Lord of All: The Afterlife of Jesus
    14. Jesus as the Prophet of the New Millennium: Then and Now