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Introduction to the Engineering Profession

Second Edition

John Dustin Kemper

Publication Date - 08 June 1995

ISBN: 9780195107272



Many freshman engineering students have questions about the profession. What branch of engineering appeals to me the most? What is the relationship of engineering to the environment? Which skills are required to be a successful engineer?
Introduction to the Engineering Profession, 2/E is a major draw for students because it helps them answer these questions. With his engaging style, John Kemper reveals the human aspect of this challenging and rewarding profession, while providing students with essential design and technical material. This unique approach presents engineering in a social context, as a discipline with a conscience. Kemper reinforces the student orientation by instilling confidence in students, with suggestions about study habits, test-taking, and successful problem-solving.

Previous Publication Date(s)

January 1992

Table of Contents

    1. The Historical Development of Engineering
    2. Modern Engineering Challenges
    3. Getting Started in Engineering
    4. The Engineering Profession
    5. Safety and Professional Responsibility
    6. The Branches of Engineering
    7. Presentation of Engineering Results
    8. Statistics
    9. SI and Other Unit-Systems
    10. Communication: Written, Oral, and Graphical
    11. Engineering Design
    12. Creativity
    13. Patents
    14. Statics and Dynamics
    15. Mechanics of Materials
    16. Work, Energy, and Heat
    17. Electrical Engineering
    18. Computers
    19. Engineering Economics
    Answers to Problems.

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