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Introduction to Molecular Symmetry

J. S. Ogden

Publication Date - September 2001

ISBN: 9780198559108

96 pages


This Primer presents an introduction to molecular symmetry and point groups with an emphasis on their applications. The author has adopted a non-mathematical approach as far as possible and the text will supplement those that are too advanced or gloss over important information. Chapter topics include symmetry elements, operations and point groups; matrices, multiplications tables and representations; the reduction formula; molecular vibrations; vibrational spectroscopy and degenerate vibrations; symmetry aspects of chemical bonding and matrices in higher order point groups


"This primer for chemistry undergraduates provides an introductory course in symmetry and the chemical applications of group theory, an essential skill for tackling many bonding and spectroscopy problems. Focus is on molecular vibrations and chemical bonding. Coverage includes symmetry elements, matrices, representations, higher order point groups, molecular vibrations, vibrational spectroscopy, and symmetry aspects of chemical bonding."--SciTech Book News

Table of Contents

    Introduction: Structure of Primer
    1. Symmetry elements, symmetry operations and point groups
    2. Matrices, multiplication tables and representations
    3. More on representations: the reduction formula
    4. Matrices and representations in higer order point groups: degenerate represenations
    5. Molecular vibrations (non-degenerate modes)
    6. Vibrational spectroscopy: degenerate vibrations
    7. Symmetry aspects of chemical bonding
    Appendix I: Answers to exercises
    Appendix II: Character tables for selected point groups
    Appendix III: Bibliography

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