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Introduction to Infant Development

Second Edition

Edited by Alan Slater
Michael Lewis

Publication Date - January 2007

ISBN: 9780199283057

405 pages

Retail Price to Students: $129.99

The completely updated and revised Second Edition offers a fascinating introduction to the psychological development of infants.


Infants may seem to do little more than eat, sleep, and play. Yet behind this misleadingly simplistic façade occurs an awe-inspiring process of development through which infants make sense of, and learn how to interact with the world around them.

Written by leading researchers in the field, Introduction to Infant Development, Second Edition, provides fascinating insight into the psychological development of infants. This new edition captures the latest research in the field, with new chapters on perceptual and cognitive development as well as memory development; the text also examines the role of gender, culture, and social class in infant development. The coverage of language development and motor development has also been revised to account for the latest research.
With enhanced pedagogical features throughout and a new Online Resource Center, Introduction to Infant Development is the ideal teaching and learning tool for those studying this intriguing field.

Previous Publication Date(s)

April 2002

Table of Contents

    1. A Brief History of Infancy Research, Michael Lewis & Alan Slater
    2. Basic Methods in Infant Research, Margaret Bendersky & Margaret W. Sullivan
    3. Prenatal Development, Peter G. Hepper
    4. Motor Development: How Infants Get Into the Act, Karen Adolph & Amy Joh
    5. The Development of the Senses, Alan Slater, Tiffany Field, & Maria Hernandez-Reif
    6. The Development of Intelligence in Infancy, Scott P. Johnson & Alan Slater
    7. Categorization, Paul C. Quinn
    8. Perception and Knowledge of the World, Gavin Bremner
    9. Memory Development, Jane S. Herbert & Livier Pascalis
    10. Language Development: From Speech Perception to First Words, George J. Hollich & Derek M. Houston
    11. How Infants Perceive and Process Faces, Jennifer L. Ramsey-Rennels & Judith H. Langlois
    12. Early Emotional Development, Michael Lewis
    13. Social Development, Michael Lewis
    14. Infants at Play: Development, Functions, and Partners, Marc H. Bornstein & Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda
    15. Learning to Communicate, Viram K. Jaswal & Anne Fernald
    16. Early Intervention Research, Services, and Policies, Robin Gaines Lanzi, Craig T. Ramey, & Sharon Landesman Ramey
    17. Culture and Infancy, Jayanthi Mistry, Ila Deshmukh & M. Ann Easterbrooks
    18. Health, Nutrition, and Atypical Development, John Worobey