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Introduction to Engineering

W. Lionel Craver, Jr., Darrell C. Schroder, and Anthony J. Tarquin

Publication Date - 08 June 1995

ISBN: 9780195107258

586 pages


A survey of the typical curricula for engineering students, this comprehensive text provides a broad yet depth coverage of Engineering. Concise and structured, the text offers instructors the flexibility to choose and emphasize certain topics within the course. Each author is an expert in a different branch of engineering-electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Table of Contents

    Part I. The Profession
    1. Introduction
    Part II. Foundations
    2. Handheld Calculators
    3. Numbers
    4. Dimensions and Units
    5. Equation Solution Techniques
    6. Matrix Algebra
    Part III. Tools for Analysis
    7. Graphs
    8. Statistics
    9. Computers
    10. Computers as an Engineering Tool
    Part IV. Fundementals Of Engineering
    11. Chemistry
    12. Electrical Engineering
    13. Statics
    14. Dynamics
    15. Mechanics of Materials
    16. Thermodynamics
    17. Fluid Mechanics
    18. Engineering Economy
    Part V. The Engineering Process
    19. Engineering Design
    20. Communications
    21. Engineering Mathematics
    Appendix A. Engineering Mathematics
    Appendix B. Selected Review of Trigonometry
    Appendix C. Conversion Factors
    Appendix D. Atomic Weights of Elements
    Appendix E. Answers To Selected Problems

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