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Introduction to Circuits with Electronics

An Integrated Approach

P. R. Belanger, E. L. Adler, and N. C. Rumin

Publication Date - June 1995

ISBN: 9780030640087

720 pages


This beautifully written book is the first to successfully integrate the study of circuits an electronics. The authors teach basic circuit analysis by including applications to electronics throughout the text, providing additional motivation to learn analysis. Simple design applications aren't required until chapter nine.

Table of Contents

    1. Basic Elements
    2. Formulation of Network Equations
    3. Equivalent Networks
    4. Linear Two-Port Networks
    5. Nonlinear Circuits
    6. Field-Effect Transistors (FET)
    9. First-Order Circuits
    10. Transient Response and Impedance
    11. The Sinusoidal Steady State
    12. Power in the Sinusoidal Steady State
    13. Analog Circuits
    14. Power Applications

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