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Intersections of Gender, Race, and Class

Readings for a Changing Landscape

Edited by Marcia Texler Segal and Theresa A. Martinez

Publication Date - 15 September 2006

ISBN: 9780195330670

568 pages
6-7/8 x 9-3/16 inches

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This accessible collection of readings is arranged to highlight and underscore some of the most intriguing and cutting-edge thinking on the discussion of gender, race, and class.


This incisive, accessible collection of readings is arranged to highlight and underscore some of the most intriguing and cutting-edge thinking on the discussion of gender, race, and class. While other anthologies often separate race, class, and gender into distinct components, this anthology frames each reading within an analysis of all three cultural forces. Additionally, the intersection of sexuality with gender, race, and class is highlighted throughout the text.

A collection of work by both U.S. and international writers, the text begins with a historical section that brings the past into contemporary focus. Section Two features personal narratives that make research and theoretical material immediately relevant to students. Other sections address family and community relationships, institutions, privilege, activism, and new sociological perspectives. Brief introductions frame each reading, and discussion questions spark student interest and enhance their understanding of the material.


"Instructors of undergraduate social inequalities courses who want to employ an intersectional approach to the material will find this reader invaluable; but the appeal of the book is not limited to them. Graduate students will also find much food for thought and analysis here, as these diverse articles will provide them with an excellent sense of just how promising--and challenging--a race/class/gender approach to the study of social inequalities is. Segal and Martinez have put together an excellent volume with much to offer all readers."--Betsy Lucal, Indiana University-South Bend, from a review in Teaching Sociology, 36(2), April 2008, pp. 173-74

"Combining classic statements of power and inequality with new voices representative of our nation's diverse populations, Intersections of Gender, Race, and Class: Central Issues In a Changing Landscape is a dynamic set of readings and a perfect sociological snapshot of life in contemporary America."--Charles Gallagher, Georgia State University

"The sociological problem of the 21st century will be the problem of intersectionality. The Segal-Martinez gender, race, and class anthology is an outstanding contribution to address this pressing problem written with undergraduate students in mind. The breadth and depth of offerings in this book is impressive, and I appreciated the inclusion of selections dealing with global matters."--Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke University

Table of Contents

    Section 1: Framing the Past
    1. The Lady and the Mill Girl: Changes in the Status of Women in the Age of Jackson, Gerda Lerner
    2. Why Irish Became Domestics and Italians and Jews Did Not, Stephen Steinberg
    3. Society of Strangers, Graham Robb
    4. Congressional Record--House (67 Cong., 2nd Sess.)
    5. "Gone With the Wind": The Invisibility of Racism in American History Textbooks, James Loewen
    6. The Logic of Nonstandard English, William Labov
    7. Double-Consciousness and Mestiza Consciousness Raising: Linking Du Bois and Anzaldúa, Theresa A. Martinez
    Section 2: Story Sharing
    8. 1965, Malcolm X
    9. A Letter to Harvey Milk, Lesléa Newman
    10. Background from Tea that Burns: A Family Memoir of Chinatown, Bruce Edward Hall
    11. He Defies You Still: The Memoirs of a Sissy, Tommi Avicolli Mecca
    12. With No Immediate Cause, Ntozake Shange
    13. Working in Other People's Houses, Mpho 'M'atsepo Nthunya
    14. Woman Hollering Creek, Sandra Cisneros
    15. Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit, Leslie Marmon Silko
    16.From the Margins, Stephen Paul Whitaker
    17. Long Hours, Starvation Wages, Lorreta Schwartz-Nobel
    18. Report from the Bahamas, June Jordan
    Section 3: Framing Family and Community Relationships
    19. The Gendered Politics and Violence of Structural Adjustment: A View From Jamaica, Faye V. Harrison
    20. Asymmetries: Women and Men Talking at Cross Purposes, Deborah Tannen
    21. Cuban Jewish Women in Miami: A Triple Identity, Hannah Schiller Wartenberg
    22. "Not All Differences Are Created Equal": Multiple Jeopardy in a Gendered Organization, Jane Ward
    23. When You're a Credit to Your Race, the Bill Will Come Due: O.J. Simpson and Our Trial by Fire, Michael Eric Dyson
    24. Breaking the Silence, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
    25. In the Closet, Steven Seidman
    Section 4: Framing Institutions
    26. Stories from the Field, Wendy Luttrell
    27. Schools Struggle Shielding Gay Kids, Nicole Ziegler Dizon
    28. Gender and Class Stereotypes: A Comparison of U.S. and Taiwanese Magazine Advertisements, Chia-Wen Chi and Cecelia Baldwin
    29. Race and Criminalization: Black Americans and the Punishment Industry, Angela Y. Davis
    30. A Higher Power of Their Understanding: Cheyenne Women and Their Religious Roles, Martha Garcia
    31. Religious Identity and Mobility, Pamela Paul
    32. What's in a Name?, Kendra Hamilton
    33. The Return of the Sweatshop, Edna Bonacich and Richard P. Appelbaum
    34. Recasting Our Understanding of Gender and Work During Global Restructuring, Jean L. Pyle and Kathryn B. Ward
    35. Legal Scholars of Gay Rights Offer Strategies to Combat the "Apartheid of the Closet", D.W. Miller
    36. SES, Race/Ethnicity, and Health, Melanie L. Johnston
    37. The Illness Experience Among Mexico City's Older Adults: The Effect of Gender, Class, and Race/Ethnicity, Diana Torrez, Roberto CamposNavarro, and Elia Nora Arganis Juárez
    Section 5: On Privilege
    38. White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women's Studies, Peggy McIntosh
    39. White Views of Civil Rights: Color Blindness and Equal Opportunity, Nancy DiTomaso, Rochelle Parks-Yancy, and Corinne Post
    40. Growing Up White: The Social Geography of Race, Ruth Frankenberg
    41. Women's Employment Among Blacks, Whites, and Three Groups of Latinas: Do More Privileged Women Have Higher Employment?, Paula England, Carmen Garcia-Beaulieu, and Mary Ross
    42. Rethinking Official Measures of Poverty: Consideration of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, Angela Gardner Roux
    43. Characteristics of the Foreign Born in the United States: Results from Census 2000, Elizabeth Grieco
    44. Race and Ethnicity: Images of Difference in South Africa, Edwin S. Segal
    45. The Haves, The Have-Nots, Christopher Reynolds
    Section 6: On Activist Thinking and Activism
    46. La conciencia de la mestiza /Towards a New Consciousness, Gloria Anzaldúa
    47. A Place in the Rainbow: Theorizing Lesbian and Gay Culture, Janice M. Irvine
    48. Women of Color on the Front Line, Celene Krauss
    49. Angry Women Are Building: Issues and Struggles Facing American Indian Women Today, Paula Gunn Allen
    50. The Political Is Personal: The Influence of White Supremacy on White Antiracists' Personal Relationships, Eileen O'Brien
    51. "If It Wasn't for the Women...": African American Women, Community Work, and Social Change, Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
    52. Liberia's Female Warriors--Fierce, Feared, Glenn McKenzie
    53. The Heterosexual Questionnaire, Martin Rochlin
    Section 7: On New Perspectives
    54. Race Lessons, Dalton Conley
    55. Lunch With My "Enemy": Exploring the Roots of Ethnic Strife, Amitava Kumar
    56. "New Racism," Color-Blind Racism, and the Future of Whiteness in America, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
    57. Buried Alive: The Concept of Race in Science, Troy Duster
    58. Playing in the Transgender Zone: Race, Class, and Hegemonic Masculinity in Middle Childhood, C. Shawn McGuffey and B. Lindsay Rich
    59. Puerto Rican Wannabes: Sexual Spectacle and the Marking of Race, Class, and Gender Boundaries, Amy C. Wilkins
    60. All Men Are Not Created Equal: Asian Men in U.S. History, Yen Le Espiritu
    61. LGBT Parents and Their Children, Kristin E. Joos
    62. Color-blind Racism and Post-feminism: The Contemporary Politics of Inequality, Abby L. Ferber
    63. Systems of Oppression: Ten Principles, Vasilikie Demos and Anthony J. Lemelle, Jr., with Solomon Gashaw
    64. Broken Levees, Unbroken Barriers, Jason DeParle

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