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International Political Economy

Edited by Greg Anderson and Christopher J. Kukucha

Publication Date - 22 October 2015

ISBN: 9780199009688

528 pages
7.0 x 9.0 inches

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Offers a comprehensive and balanced introduction to the field of international political economy


International Political Economy offers a comprehensive and balanced introduction to the field of IPE, weaving coverage of theory, history, institutions, and topical analysis throughout. The text expertly integrates political science theory and analysis with economic fundamentals, using both to explore regional and issues analysis.


  • Comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach: A broad introduction that combines political science and economics in a form accessible to students.
  • Written by expert Canadian contributors: An expert panel of contributors bring together Canadian perspectives in a global field of study, giving students first-hand insight into the discipline and practice of IPE
  • Unique organization: Following the structure of many IPE courses -- history; theory; economics; regional analysis; and finishing with topical coverage -- the text guides students through the fundamentals of the discipline before analyzing more specialized subjects
  • Balanced theoretical perspective: Students are introduced to both traditional and contemporary theories, giving them a strong foundation for future study

About the Author(s)

Greg Anderson is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, University of Alberta.

Christopher Kukucha is Professor in the Department of Political Science, University of Lethbridge.

Table of Contents

    Part 1: IPE Perspectives
    1. Back to the Future: IPE and the Evolution of Global Politics, Greg Anderson and Christopher J. Kukucha
    2. Traditional Theories, Axel Hulsemeyer
    3. Theoretical Challengers: Post-Positivist Methods in IPE, Rob Aitken
    4. Gender, Feminism, and the Global Political Economy, Siobhan Byrne
    Part 2: Economic Fundamentals
    5. History and Ideological Change in the Global Political Economy, Eric Helleiner
    6. To Trade or Not to Trade? The Political Economy of International Exchange, Mark R. Brawley
    7. Monetary Policy Forty Years On, David Dodge
    Part 3: Rules, Norms, and Governance: An International Society?
    8. The Transnational Corporation: Controversial Dynamo of the Global Economy, Stephen Clarkson, Isabel Duchesne, and Amy Tieu
    9. The World Bank and International Development: Redefining Poverty as Social Risk, Jacqueline Best
    10. Reshaping the Trading System after the Doha Round, Robert Wolfe
    11. The World Trading Regime and Dispute Settlement, Gilbert Gagne
    Part 4: Regionalism
    12. European Union, Lori Thorlakson
    13. North America: Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back?, Geoffrey Hale
    14. Japan and China: The Role of the State in Regional Dynamics, Jennifer Y.J. Hsu
    15. African Political Economies Beyond 2015: Diversity, Growth, Partnership, and Poverty, Adam Sneyd
    Part 5: Levels of Analysis
    16. Constituent Diplomacy in Federal Countries, Hans J. Michelmann
    17. A Tale of Two (Global) Cities: London, New York, and the Rise of Finance Capital, Trevor W. Harrison
    18. Civil Society and International Political Economy, Laura Macdonald and Jeffrey Ayres
    19. Understanding Industrial Policy, Anil Hira
    Part 6: Issues in the Twenty-first Century
    20. The Global Financial Crisis, Patrick Leblond
    21. Improving Global Natural Resource and Environmental Regimes: Policy Failures in Weak Governance Complexes, Michael Howlett and Jeremy Rayner
    22. The Shale Revolution and Canada-United States Energy Relations: Game Changer or Deja Vu All Over Again?, Monica Gattinger and Rafael Aguirre
    23. Mega-Events and "Bottom-up" Development: Beyond Window Dressing, David Black and Katelynn Northam
    24. Corruption in the Global Economy, Ellen Gutterman
    25. The Political Economy of International Migration and the Canadian Example, Yasmeen Abu-Laban