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Inside Social Life

Readings in Sociological Psychology and Microsociology

Seventh Edition

Spencer E. Cahill, Kent Sandstrom, and Carissa Froyum

Publication Date - June 2013

ISBN: 9780199978113

496 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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Retail Price to Students: $72.95

A comprehensive, best-selling reader on social psychology with a strong focus on inequality


Now in its seventh edition, this best-selling reader provides an introduction to the sociological study of social psychology, interpersonal interaction, embodiment, emotion, selfhood, inequality, and the politics of everyday realities. Inside Social Life: Readings in Sociological Psychology and Microsociology presents forty-two selections that include both classic and contemporary theoretical work and empirical studies. Detailed introductions to each part and article identify and explain central issues, key concepts, and relationships among topics.

The seventh edition features extended introductions to each of the book's nine parts as well as reflective questions for critical thinking and application at the end of each reading. It also includes ten new readings on such engaging topics as:

* Self-presentation in on-line worlds
* The management of emotion by Mixed Martial Arts fighters
* The bodily labor and discipline expected of fashion models
* The dramaturgical rituals and masculine displays that characterize "girl hunts"
* The reproduction of racial hierarchies in an organization that serves black youth
* Stigma management among mobile home residents
* The justification of divorce by conservative Christian women
* The social construction of family troubles

An Instructor's Resource CD including chapter summaries, key points, and reflective questions and answer guidelines is available for qualified instructors.

About the Author(s)

Spencer E. Cahill (1949-2006) was Professor of Sociology at the University of South Florida. The author or editor of four books and numerous articles, he was also editor of Social Psychology Quarterly; associate editor of Symbolic Interaction; and president of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction.

Kent Sandstrom is Professor of Sociology and Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at North Dakota State University. The recipient of numerous teaching and research awards, he is the co-editor of the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography and author of several books, including Symbols, Selves, and Social Reality, Fourth Edition (OUP, 2013).

Carissa Froyum is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Northern Iowa. She is deputy editor of the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography and recipient of the 2011 University Book and Supply Outstanding Teaching Award.

Previous Publication Date(s)

July 2010
August 2003
August 2003


"The introductions make the book! They are just superb. I would describe this as the best social psychology reader out there."--Doug Schrock, Florida State University

"Inside Social Life is more comprehensive than other readers, contains more classic and foundational readings and does a better job of incorporating race/class/gender throughout. The readings are accessible to undergraduates, on topics of interest to them, and all of the topics can be connected back to the overall themes of the text. The authors' theoretical perspectives are carried throughout the book, and every reading can be related back to those perspectives. This makes the book a cohesive whole."--Emily McKendry-Smith, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Table of Contents

    * = New to the Seventh Edition

    Part I: Human Being and Social Reality

    1. Sociological Mindfulness, Michael Schwalbe
    2. The Social Foundations of Human Experience, Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann
    3. Symbols and the Creation of Reality, Kent Sandstrom
    4. Islands of Meaning, Eviatar Zerubavel
    5. Speed Culture, Simon Gottschalk

    Part II: The Social Shaping of Subjective Experience

    6. Smell, Odor, and Somatic Work, Dennis D. Waskul and Phillip Vannini
    7. Working on Feeling, Arlie Hochschild
    *8. Feeling Norms and Romantic Love, Robin Simon, Donna Eder, and Cathy Evans
    *9. Managing Emotional Manhood, Christian Vaccaro, Douglas Schrock, and Janice McCabe
    10. The Organizational Management of Shame, Daniel D. Martin

    Part III: The Social Construction of the Body and Embodiment

    11. Becoming a Gendered Body, Karin A. Martin
    12. Women and Their Clitoris, Dennis D. Waskul, Phillip Vannini, and Desiree Wiesen
    13. Risky Lessons, Jessica Fields
    *14. Disciplining Corpulence, Amanda Czerniawski
    15. Corporate Logo Tattoos and the Commodification of the Body, Angela Orend and Patricia Gagne

    Part IV: The Social Construction of the Self

    16. The Self as Sentiment and Reflection, Charles Horton Cooley
    17. The Self as Social Structure, George Herbert Mead
    18. Young Children's Racial and Ethnic Definitions of Self, Debra Van Ausdale and Joe Feagin
    19. Gang-Related Gun Violence and the Self, Paul Stretesky and Mark Pogrebin
    20. The Dissolution of the Self, Kenneth J. Gergen

    Part V: The Self and Social Interaction

    21. The Presentation of Self, Erving Goffman
    *22. The Girl Hunt, David Grazian
    23. The Gloried Self, Patricia Adler and Peter Adler
    *24. The Presentation of Self in Virtual Spaces, Simon Gottschalk

    Part VI: The Organization of Social Interaction

    25. Face-Work and Interaction Rituals, Erving Goffman
    26. The Interaction Order of Public Bathrooms, Spencer Cahill
    27. Wheelchair Users' Interpersonal Management of Emotions, Spencer Cahill and Robin Eggleston
    *28. Working 'the Code' in the Inner City, Nikki Jones

    Part VII: The Construction of Social Structures and Boundaries

    29. Society in Action, Hubert Blumer
    30. Collective Emotions and Boundary Work among Evangelical Christians, Amy Wilkins
    31. Managing Emotions in an Animal Shelter, Arnold Arluke
    32. Protecting the Routine from Chaos, Daniel Chambliss

    Part VIII: Reproducing and Resisting Inequalities

    33. Borderwork Among Boys and Girls, Barrie Thorne
    *34. Salvaging Decency, Margarethe Kusenbach
    *35. For the Betterment of Kids Who Look Like Me, Carissa Froyum
    *36. Escaping Symbolic Entrapment, Maintaining Social Identities, Shane Sharp
    37. Doing Gender As Resistance, Chauntelle Anne Tibbals

    Part IX: The Politics of Reality

    38. The Moral Career of the Mental Patient, Erving Goffman
    *39. The Dynamics of Family Trouble, Ara Francis
    40. Being Middle Eastern American in the Context of the War on Terror, Amir Marvasti
    41. Nazi Doctors in Auschwitz, Robert Jay Lifton
    42. Rosa Parks, Collective Forgetting, and the Power of Oneness, Barry Schwartz