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Immigration Worldwide

Policies, Practices, and Trends

Edited by Uma A. Segal, Doreen Elliott, and Nazneen S. Mayadas

Publication Date - 19 January 2010

ISBN: 9780195388138

496 pages
7 x 10 inches

This sweeping sourcebook explores immigration policies and processes in 25 countries and two world regions, serving as a valuable reference for scholars and students seeking a wide-ranging yet nuanced survey of key issues salient to debates about how to best serve immigrant populations and their host countries.


The ease of transportation, the opening of international immigration policies, the growing refugee movements, and the increasing size of unauthorized immigrant populations suggest that immigration worldwide is a phenomenon of utmost importance to professionals who develop policies and programs for, or provide services to, immigrants. Immigration occurs in both the wealthy nations of the global North and the poorer countries of the global South; it involves individuals who arrive with substantial human capital and those with little. It has far-reaching implications for a nation's economy, public policies, social and health services, and culture.

The purpose of this volume, therefore, is to explore current patterns and policies of immigration in key countries and regions across the globe and analyze the implications for these countries and their immigrant populations. Each of its chapters, written by an international and interdisciplinary group of experts, explores how country conditions, policies, values, politics, and attitudes influence the process of immigration and subsequently affect immigrants, migration, and the nation itself.

No other volume explores the landscape of worldwide immigration as broadly as this does, with sweeping coverage of countries and empirical research, together with an analytic framework that sets the context of human migration against a wide backdrop of experiential factors that take shape long before an immigrant enters a host country. At once a sourcebook and an applied model of immigration studies, Immigration Worldwide is a valuable reference for scholars and students seeking a wide-ranging yet nuanced survey of the key issues salient to debates about the programs and policies that best serve immigrant populations and their host countries.


  • Covers 25 countries as well as the European Union and African Union
  • Interdisciplinary, international authorship
  • Presents a new model of applied immigration studies

About the Author(s)

Uma A. Segal, Ph.D., is Professor and Director of the Baccalaureate Social Work Program at University of Missouri - St. Louis. She is the editor of the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies.

Doreen Elliott, Ph.D., is Professor of Social Work and Distinguished Teaching Professor at The University of Texas at Arlington. She has served as Chair of the Council on Social Work Education's International Commission and the Global Social Work Education Commission.

Nazneen S. Mayadas, D.S.W., is Professor Emerita of Social Work at The University of Texas at Arlington. She has served in the Office of the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees as Chief of Social Services in Geneva, Switzerland.


"Covering immigration policies and processes in 25 countries and two regions is bound to be a difficult task. But the contributors have been well-chosen and the editors have successfully welded the book together with accomplished introductory and concluding essays. This is a formidable achievement, which will grace the shelves of migration scholars and libraries."--Robin Cohen, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford

"There are several official yearbooks of global migration, but most academic texts confine themselves to the experience of one or a few receiving states. The great strength of Immigration Worldwide is that it covers most major sending and receiving states, as well as providing us with cogent and relevant introductory chapters. This major work will prove invaluable for understanding what is now a major feature of international society-the movement of millions across the globe in search of a better life or simply to escape from intolerable situations."--James Jupp, Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies, Australian National University

"Offers in one volume a competent discussion of the causes, consequences, and diverse modes of a process that has become such a salient and defining characteristic of the modern world."--Shanti Khinduka, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis

"This is an extraordinary book with a wealth of information on the migration process. The impact on labor markets, the question of integration, and the complexities of migration management are dealt with throughout the chapters. This book offers a comprehensive view of the migration landscape in the era of world society."--Achilles Skordas, School of Law, University of Bristol

"The editors are to be commended for their ambitious and comprehensive effort to document these trends and policies, as well as for their ability to recruit authors who obviously have a sound knowledge of the issues in their own countries. The chapters are succinct yet thorough. They also are very readable, allowing quick access to the complex challenges raised by immigration on a worldwide scale. This book is highly recommended for anyone working in the field of immigration and, indeed, for anyone requiring an accessible reference source on immigration policies and practices in different countries today." --Social Service Review

Table of Contents

    I. Introduction

    1. The Immigration Process
    Uma A. Segal, Nazneen S. Mayadas & Doreen Elliott

    2. Immigration Worldwide: Trends and Analysis
    Doreen Elliott, Nazneen S. Mayadas & Uma A. Segal

    II. Nations with Large Immigrant Populations

    3. The Changing Face of the United States of America
    Uma A. Segal

    4. Immigration to Russia
    Vladimir Iontsev, Irina Ivakhnyuk & Svetlana Soboleva

    5. Immigration in Germany
    Andrea Schmelz

    6. Immigration to France: The Challenge of Immigrant Integration
    Ines Michalowski

    7. Immigration to Canada
    Usha George

    8. The Dynamics of Hospitality
    Ranabir Samaddar

    9. Immigration in the United Kingdom
    Will Somerville & Betsy Cooper

    10. Spain: A 'New Immigration Centre'
    David Corkill

    11. A Land of Immigrants
    Mel Gray & Kyile Agllias

    12. Refugee History and Policies of Pakistan: An Afghan Case Study
    Shireen S. Issa, Gail Desmond & Fariyal Ross-Sherif

    III. Nations with Increasing Immigrant Populations

    13. Immigration to Greece
    Anna Triandafyllidou

    14. From emigrant to immigrant society-transition and change in the Republic of Ireland
    Treasa Galvin

    15. The New Immigration to Israel: Becoming a de-facto Immigration State in the 1990s
    Rebeca Raijman & Adriana Kemp

    16. Amorphous Population Movements into Poland and Ensuing Policy Challenges
    Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska & Marek Okólski

    17. Changing tides in the South Pacific: Immigration to Aotearoa New Zealand
    Richard D. Bedford & Jacques Poot

    18. Immigration to Portugal
    João Casqueira Cardoso

    19. The Immigration and Integration Experience: the case of Sweden
    Pieter Bevelander

    IV. Nations with Low or Declining Immigrant Populations

    20. Immigration to Egypt
    Ayman Zohry

    21. Immigration to Thailand: The Case of Migrant Workers from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia
    Supang Chantavanich & Ratchada Jayagupta

    22. Immigration to Taiwan
    Joseph S. Lee

    23. China: a New Pole for Immigration
    Kim-wah Chung, Ji Qi, & Wenruo Hou

    24. Immigration to Post-Apartheid South Africa: Critical Reflections
    Brij Maharaj

    25. Immigration to Ghana
    A. Essuman-Johnson

    26. Experiences of Immigration in Nigeria
    Adejumoke A. Afolayan

    27. Immigration in Brazil: The insertion of different groups
    Zeila de Brito Fabri Demartini

    V. Regional Movements

    28. Return and Resettlement: A Survey of Refugee Law and Policy in Africa
    Andrew J. Novak

    29. Immigration and the European Union
    Karen Lyons & Nathalie Huegler

    VI. Concluding Chapter

    30. Emerging Themes and Implications
    Doreen Elliott, Uma A. Segal & Nazneen S. Mayadas