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Images of Color, Images of Crime


Third Edition

Edited by Coramae Richey Mann, Marjorie S. Zatz, and Nancy Rodriguez

Publication Date - 08 March 2006

ISBN: 9780195330632

264 pages
7 x 9-1/8 inches

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This edited volume explores the dynamics of race, crime, and the criminal justice system in the United States today.


This edited volume explores the dynamics of race, crime, and the criminal justice system in the United States today. The book gives equal attention to the links between images of color and images of crime as well as the ramifications of criminal justice policies and practices.

Changes to the new edition include the following:
* Revised introductory and concluding chapters that more clearly outline the focus and selection of the racial and ethnic groups discussed.
* The book further examines the ways in which gender, religion, culture, sexuality, and sexual orientation are central components of racialized constructions.
* A new chapter provides examples of current criminal justice practices and crime control policies on racial and ethnic groups, including law enforcement policies, prosecution and sentencing, and imprisonment.
* Brief, framing introductions underscore why each chapter is important and how it fits into the book's overarching themes.
* Each chapter includes discussion questions and a list of relevant websites.
* An accompanying Instructor's Manual prepared by David R. Montague is new to the Third Edition.

Previous Publication Date(s)

February 2002
February 1998


"The range of articles and diversity of authors included offer an intellectual strength. This book presents competing perspectives, which encourage student independence in developing ideas and responses. The book incorporates a broad range of racial groups rather than focusing solely on African Americans and Latinos/as. The inclusion of white people as a racial group opens students to the realization that all racial groups--those in the minority and the majority--are socially constructed."--Molly Merryman, Kent State University

Table of Contents

    Foreword: The Perils of Racial Prophecy, Derrick A. Bell
    Introduction: The Power of Images, Marjorie S. Zatz and Coramae Richey Mann
    Part I: Images of Color
    1: American Indians
    American Indians in Popular Culture: A Pawnee's Experiences and Views, James Riding In
    2: African Americans
    Every Road Has an End, Leon E. Pettiway
    3: Latinos and Latinas
    The Color of Skin Is the Color of Crime, Luis J. Rodríguez
    4: Asian Americans
    "Senator Sir, Welcome to the World of Orientalism," Karen Joe Laidler
    5: Euro-Americans
    White Privilege, Color, and Crime: A Personal Account, Peggy McIntosh
    Part II: Stereotyping by the Media
    6: American Indians
    Redskins, Savages, and Other Indian Enemies: A Historical Overview of American Media Coverage of Native Peoples, Suzan Shown Harjo
    7: African Americans
    The Social Construction of the African American Criminal Stereotype, Dennis M. Rome
    8: Latinos and Latinas
    "Hot Blood and Easy Virtue": Mass Media and the Making of Racist Latino/a Stereotypes, Diego O. Castro
    9: Asian Americans
    Framing Asian Americans, Thomas K. Nakayama
    10: Euro-Americans
    The Caucasian Evasion: Victims, Exceptions, and Defenders of the Faith, Jody Miller, Toya Z. Like, and Peter Levin
    Part III: Stereotyping by Politicians
    11: American Indians
    Stereotyping of American Indian and Alaska Native Nations and Peoples, Carol Chiago Lujan
    12: African Americans
    The Welfare Queen and Willie Horton, Donald R. Culverson
    13: Latinos and Latinas
    Immigrant Bashing and Nativist Political Movements, Alberto G. Mata Jr. and Catalina Herrerías
    14: Asian Americans
    Asian Americans and the Black-White Paradigms, BongHwan "BH" Kim
    15: Euro-Americans
    The Unanswered Question, Jerome G. Miller
    Part IV: Images of Crime and Punishment
    16: American Indians
    Traditional and Contemporary Tribal Justice, Ada Pecos Melton
    17: African Americans
    The Black Bogeyman and White Self-Righteousness, Laura T. Fishman
    18: Latinos and Latinas
    Latinos, Gangs, and Drugs, Edwardo L. Portillos
    19: Asian Americans
    Improper Perceptions of Asian Crimes and Asian Americans, Taiping Ho
    20: Euro-Americans
    The Laundering of White Crime, Mark S. Hamm
    21: The Nexus Between Race and Ethnicity and Criminal Justice Policy, Nancy Rodriguez
    Conclusion: A Fragile Future: Pitfalls and Possibilities, Coramae Richey Mann and Marjorie S. Zatz

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