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A Reader for Writers

Second Edition

John Scenters-Zapico

Publication Date - 01 September 2021

ISBN: 9780197547724

480 pages
5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches

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Read. Write. Oxford. Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?


Identity: A Reader for Writers, Second Edition, focuses on the essential topic of identity as it relates to culture, rhetoric, and the multiple modes of expression that are increasingly common in today's multilingual society. Each chapter in this reader asks students foundational questions about identity. These questions include: Where are you from? Where did you go to school? What do you do for work? And whom do you love? While these questions appear easy to answer, students will learn as they work through the readings that their answers are linked to meaningful themes including language, nationality, labor, education, personal relationships, and privacy.

New to this Edition

  • Includes thirty new readings that explore each chapter's question through a diversity of texts, essays, court decisions, visuals, tables, graphs, and poetry, and three new, timely chapters: "Who Decides Gender? Notions of Gender & Identity," "How Are Your Political Views Formed? Political Identity, Alliance, & Exclusion," and "How Can I Become a Better Writer?"


  • Chapter introductions provide a brief overview of the chapter's theme and a sense of how the selections relate to the overarching theme and to each other
  • "Analyze" and "Explore" questions after each reading provide prompts for reflection, classroom discussion, and brief writing assignments
  • "Forging Connections" and "Looking Further" prompts encourage critical thinking by asking students to compare perspectives and strategies among readings, and suggesting writing assignments that engage students with larger conversations in the academy, the community, and the media

About the Author(s)

John Scenters-Zapico is Professor of Writing and Literacy Studies at California State University, Long Beach.


"Identity: A Reader for Writers is a solid collection of primarily popular sources on relevant social, cultural, economic and political issues that offers a wide range of perspectives, and will generate interesting discussion and writing."--Jessica Bannon,lUniversity of Indianapolis

"Identity: A Reader for Writers contains timely, current, readings comprised of both the expected collection of mass market periodical articles, but also empirical research, data, and scholarship that will push students to read and consider texts and genres outside of their comfort zone."--Melanie Burdick,lWashburn University

Table of Contents


    1. What's in a Name? The Role of Language & Identity
    2. Where Are You From? Notions of Identity & Place
    3. Where Did You Go to School? Education in America
    4. What Do You Do? Work in America
    5. Where Do You Draw the Line? Privacy, Socializing, and Life without Boundaries
    6. Who Decides Gender? Notions of Gender & Identity
    7. How Are Your Political Views Formed? Political Identity, Alliance, & Exclusion
    8. How Can I Become a Better Writer?


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