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Human Rights

Politics and Practice

Second Edition

Edited by Michael Goodhart

Publication Date - April 2013

ISBN: 9780199608287

512 pages
9.7 x 7.4 inches

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The first comprehensive human rights textbook designed for politics students, now in its second edition and updated with cutting-edge research


Featuring twenty-two chapters written by a multidisciplinary group of international experts, Human Rights: Politics and Practice, Second Edition, is designed for politics students. Offering unparalleled breadth and depth of coverage, it takes students beyond a purely legal perspective with discussions of core theoretical approaches and detailed studies of major issues. The first seven chapters introduce the main theoretical issues and challenges in the study of human rights as a political phenomenon. The following fifteen thematic chapters offer detailed analysis and case studies of such key issues as economic globalization, genocide, the environment, and humanitarian intervention. The book is enhanced by pedagogical features and in-depth, concrete examples. A Companion Website provides web links and a flashcard glossary for students and a test bank and PowerPoint-based lecture slides for instructors.

New to this Edition

  • A new chapter on feminist and non-western challenges to human rights
  • An expanded chapter on measurement that introduces cutting-edge technologies
  • Expanded treatment of such controversial issues as group rights and social and economic rights
  • A more in-depth discussion of future directions and challenges for human rights

Previous Publication Date(s)

May 2009

Table of Contents

    Introduction, Michael Goodhart
    Human Rights and Politics
    1. Normative and Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights, Anthony J. Langlois
    2. Human Rights as a Critique of Power: Feminist and Non-Western Approaches, Brooke Ackerly
    3. Human Rights in International Relations, Tim Dunne and Marianne Hanson
    4. Human Rights in International Law, Rhona K. M. Smith
    5. Human Rights in Comparative Politics, Sonia Cardenas
    6. Sociological and Anthropological Approaches, Damien Short
    7. The Critique of Human Rights, David Chandler
    Human Rights in Practice
    8. Political Democracy and State Repression of Minorities, Christian Davenport
    9. Global Civil Society and Human Rights, Marlies Glasius
    10. Human Rights and Politics in Development, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
    11. Economic Globalization and Human Rights, David L. Richards and Ronald D. Gelleny
    12. Children's Human Rights, Vanessa Pupavac
    13. Human Rights and Forced Migration, Gil Loescher
    14. Indigenous Peoples' Human Rights, Paul Havemann
    15. Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation, Andrea M. Bertone
    16. Genocide and Human Rights, Scott Straus
    17. Humanitarian Intervention, Alan J. Kuperman
    18. Torture, William F. Shulz
    19. Transitional Justice, Joanna R. Quinn
    The Future of Human Rights
    20. The Future of Human Rights, Michael Goodhart
    21. Measuring Human Rights, Todd Landman
    22. Human Rights and the Environment, John Barry and Kerri Woods