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Human Biology

An introduction to human evolution, variation, growth, and adaptability

Third Edition

G. A. Harrison, J. M. Tanner, D. R. Pilbeam, and P. T. Baker

Publication Date - July 1988

ISBN: 9780198541431

584 pages

Retail Price to Students: $189.99


This unique textbook deals with the nature, origins, development and causes of human variety. Intended especially for use in physical anthropology courses, it concentrates on the biological dynamics of past and present human populations. For the new edition, the text has been rewritten completely, there are two American co-authors, and the scope as a whole is broader. The book will continue to serve as an outstanding reference for anyone interested in human biology.

Previous Publication Date(s)

March 1977
July 1968

Table of Contents

    PART I: Human Evolution D. Pilbeam
    1. Studying Human Evolution
    2. Patterns of Evolution
    3. Primates
    4. Primate Evolution
    5. Hominid Evolution
    PART II: Human Genetics and Variation G.A. Harrison
    6. Molecular and Mendelian Genetics
    7. Quantitative Variation
    8. Population Genetics--Mating Systems
    9. Population Genetics--Gene Frequency Changes
    10. Population Variation in Qualitative Traits (Proteins)
    11. Population Variation in Qualitative Traits (Blood Groups and Others)
    12. Population Variation in Quantitative Traits
    13. Anthropological Genetics and the Peoples of the World
    PART III: Human Growth and Constitution J.M. Tanner
    14. The Human Growth Curve
    15. The Adolescent Growth Spurt and Development Age
    16. Hormonal, Genetic, and Environmental Factors Controlling Growth
    17. Physical and Psychological Development
    18. Analysis and Classification of Physique
    19. Physique and its Relationship to Function, Disease, and Behavior
    PART IV: Human Adaptability P.T. Baker
    20. Human Ecology and Human Adaptability
    21. The Physical Environment
    22. Nutritional Stress
    23. Infectious Disease
    24. Modernization and Human Biological Responses

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