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Physiological Acoustics, Neural Coding, and Psychoacoustics

W. Lawrence Gulick, George A. Gescheider, and Robert D. Frisina

Publication Date - 13 April 1989

ISBN: 9780195043075

430 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


"Gives comprehensive coverage from peripheral biophysics to sensation. It is scholarly, with an unashamed tutorial emphasis that should please its intended readership of maturing undergraduates and aspiring neuroscientists." --Nature

"The fundamental aspects of physical acoustics, auditory physiology, the central auditory nervous system, psychoacoustics, and relevant pathologic conditions are examined in this comprehensive introductory text. Historical perspectives. . . . make this volume especially well-suited for teaching purposes. Especially noteworthy is the creative and artistic use of illustrations to emphasize parallels between the psychology and physiology of sound perception. " --Ear and Hearing

"Hearing is a comprehensive text reviewing many topics in hearing science with an emphasis on technical detail. It would be a useful text for the graduate student or as a reference for the hearing professional." --Hearing Rehabilitation Quarterly

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Sound and Its Measurement
    3. Historical Introduction
    4. Structure and Function of the External and Middle Ear
    5. Structure and Neural Projections of the Internal Ear
    6. Cochlear Mechanics
    7. Transduction and the Cochlear Potentials
    8. The Cochlear Nerve
    9. Central Auditory System
    10. Sensitivity of the Ear
    11. Pitch and Loudness
    12. Complex Auditory Phenomena
    13. Sound Localization
    14. Hearing Loss and Audiology

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