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Guided-Wave Photonics

A. Bruce Buckman

Publication Date - June 1995

ISBN: 9780030333545

384 pages


This comprehensive text combines fiber and integrated optics material in a one-semester text for seniors. The text is specific in its coverage of fiber optics, with physical insight into the development of ray-optic and wave-field description of waveguiding. Students will benefit from a review of the required math and electromagnetic background in Chapter 1. Sections on the latest applications such as fiber optic sensors, optical amplifiers, and optical interconnects are included.

Table of Contents

    1. Electromagnetics Essentials
    2. Waveguide Theory and Fabrication
    3. The Optical Fiber
    4. Guided-Wave Communications Principles
    5. Mode Coupling
    6. Passive Guided-Wave Devices
    7. Guided-Wave Modulators, Switches, and Information-Processing
    8. Guided-Wave Sources, Amplifiers, and Detectors
    9. Guided-Wave Optical Sensors
    Appendix: Software Description and Use

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