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Globalization and Fragmentation

International Relations in the Twentieth Century

Ian Clark

Publication Date - 26 June 1997

ISBN: 9780198781660

232 pages


As we approach the end of the twentieth century, a widespread interest in globalization is thought to be changing all economic, political, and cultural life. Ian Clark takes globalization--and its opposite, fragmentation--as the organizing theme for a grand retrospective of twentieth century international history. He argues that both globalization and fragmentation have ebbed and flowed throughout the century, governed by its great formative events: westernization, the two World Wars, the depression, and the rise and fall of the cold war. Globalization and Fragmentation sets out a challenging analysis of globalization, offering the most advanced and accessible introduction to twentieth century international relations.

Table of Contents

    1. Globalization and Fragmentation
    2. The Paradoxes of the Pre-War World, 1900-1914
    3. The Impact of War, 1914-1919
    4. The Fragmentation of the Inter-War Era, 1919-1939
    5. States of War, 1939-1945
    6. The Cold War and Globalization, 1945-1969
    7. Eras of Negotiation and Confrontation, 1970-1989
    8. Beyond the Cold War, 1990-2000

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