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The Greatest Hits, A Global Studies Reader

Manfred B. Steger

Publication Date - 30 December 2009

ISBN: 9780199946068


A "Top 20" collection of readings on globalization, edited and introduced by renowned scholar Manfred B. Steger


Ideal for both undergraduate and graduate courses, Globalization: The Greatest Hits, a Global Studies Reader covers all major dimensions of the subject: economics, politics, and culture. The premier scholar of globalization studies, Manfred B. Steger, has brought together the "greatest hits" of the field since it emerged in the 1980s. In addition to carefully selecting and editing twenty of the most influential pieces on globalization out of a vast repertoire of writing, Steger provides an original and insightful introduction that spotlights the gist of these gems while also showing how they build on one another thematically. Manageable in length and price, this "Top 20" collection shows how globalization has evolved and how it serves as a backdrop to the current global economic crisis.

About the Author(s)

Manfred B. Steger is Professor of Global Studies and Director of the Globalism Research Centre at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in Australia. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Globalization Research Center at the University of Hawai'i-Manoa. Dr. Steger is the author of more than fifteen books, including the best-selling Globalization: A Very Short Introduction, Second Edition (OUP, 2003).

Table of Contents

    Introduction, Manfred B. Steger

    1. The Globalization of Markets, Theodore Levitt

    2. Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy, Arjun Appadurai

    3. The Globalization of Modernity, Anthony Giddens

    4. Mapping the Global Condition, Roland Robertson

    5. Globalization: A Necessary Myth? Paul Hirst and Grahame Thompson

    6. Preface to Empire, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

    7. The Global City Model, Saskia Sassen

    8. The Globalization of Sexual Identities, Dennis Altman

    9. Globalization: An Ascendant Paradigm? James A. Mittelman

    10. The Promise of Global Institutions, Joseph Stiglitz

    11. Five Meanings of Global Civil Society, Mary Kaldor

    12. Al Qaeda and the New Terrorists, Olivier Roy

    13. From Market Globalism to Imperial Globalism: Ideology and American Power after 9/11, Manfred B. Steger

    14. The World as a Polder: What Does It All Mean to Us Today? Jared Diamond

    15. The Spectre That Haunts the Global Economy?: The Challenge of Global Feminism, Valentine Moghadam

    16. Arguing Globalizations: Propositions towards an Investigation of Global Formation, Paul James

    17. The Urban Climacteric, Mike Davis

    18. The New Public Sphere: Global Civil Society, Communication Networks, and Global Governance, Manuel Castells

    19. Globalization and the Emergence of the World Social Forums, Jackie Smith and Marina Karides, et al.

    20. Globalization: Long Term Process or New Era in Human Affairs? William H. McNeill

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