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Geomorphology and Hydrology of Karst Terrains

William B. White

Publication Date - 05 May 1988

ISBN: 9780195044447

480 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

A comprehensive textbook treatment of karst phenomena, superbly illustrated.


"Several sections are included that are generally neglected in geomorphology texts and their inclusion by White will be valuable and of interest to teachers and students . . . . Discussion of evaporite karst as well as karst and karst-like features in slightly soluble rocks and ice add to the all-inclusive nature of the text." --Journal of Geological Education

"The most comprehensive text in the field in any language ...covers many technical and environmental aspects not found in any other textbook. The author has contributed innovative research in most of the major topics; he is the most appropriate person in the U.S. to write such a book."--Arthur N. Palmer, State University of New York at Oneonta

"An excellent summary of both the forms and processes involved in the development of caves and related features." --Choice

"To write a book on karst hydrology and geomorphology is a major undertaking. William B. White has done an excellent job in selecting material from more than 800 technical books and articles and combining this material with the results of his own extensive experience into an exceptionally useful book." --Stanley N. Davis, University of Arizona

"Author William B. White has summarized and outstandingly brilliant career in Karst Hydrology with what will easily be accepted as the finest textbook ever written on the subject. He writes in the style of old world scientists who knew better the skill of articulating both exact and poetic prose." --Journal of Ground Water

We are indebted to the author for this authoritative integration of a large, complex, and scattered polyglot literature. The book is an admirable cross-disciplinary synthesis applied to one of the more romantic landscapes of our planet." --Science

"A major new contribution to the literature on karst. . . . This text supersedes all previous books on this topic. . . . Will White, over the years and in many ways, has taught most of the people who are interested in karst. Now he has written an excellent book through which he will teach many more." --Water Resources Bulletin

"At last here is a technical book that does justice to caves as a source of inspiration and hard field data. Will White's scientific roots as a caver are revealed immediately in the dedication, preface, and introduction, and evidence of his background pervades the entire book. For 30 years he has probed the major questions about caves and karst, leaving few stones unturned. Will's writing is entertaining, clear, and often delightfully irreverent. . . .Will White does great credit to his own work, to the many sources he acknowledges, and to American karst science in general. This book is a must for anyone who wants to understand the Why and How of karst processes." --CRF Newsletter

"The book's greatest value to those already concerned with karst geomorphology lies in the strongly individual voice in which it is written, a voice which represents a distinctively American school of though which as largely grown up around White and other leading members of the Cave Research Foundation in the eastern U.S.A. It is the first substantial American textbook on karst for thirty years, and very much reflects U.S. developments." --Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

"The book is superior to many of the karst works presently available and it should take its place on student reading lists." --The Australian Geologist

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Surface Landforms in Karst Regions
    3. Underground Landforms in Karst Regions
    4. Karst Landscapes
    5. The Chemistry of Carbonate Dissolution
    6. Karst Hydrology
    7. Geochemistry of Karst Waters
    8. Soils, Sediments, and Depositional Features
    9. Theories, Models, and Mechanisms for the Origins of Caves
    10. Karst Evolution and Pleistocene History
    11. Evaporite Karst
    12. Karst and Karst-like Features in Slightly Soluble Rocks
    13. Land Use and Land Management Problems in Karst
    14. Water Resources Problems in Karst

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