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Geology and Landscapes of America's National Parks

Author David Osleger

Publication Date - 01 December 2021

ISBN: 9780199301201

576 pages
8 1/2 x 11 inches

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The US National Parks have been called 'America's Best Idea'. They also provide a beautiful and accessible set of examples around which to structure an introductory geology course, motivating students' curiosity about the science that explains the dramatic landscapes of our nation's unique protected lands. This book introduces core geologic concepts such as volcanism, mountain building, deep time, tectonics, sedimentation and glaciation using our beloved Parks as touchstones. Each chapter builds a broader narrative of how the country's geologic foundations were constructed through time, demonstrating the broader connections between national parks rather than viewing them as isolated entities.


  • Concepts and principles of physical geology presented in the context of the diverse beauty of the US National Parks
  • Introduces core geological concepts such as volcanism, mountain building, deep time, tectonics, sedimentation and glaciation
  • Clear, easy-to-understand scientific language suitable for classes that include both geology major and non-majors
  • Builds a broad and deep appreciation of Earth Science through an exploration of how the country's landscape developed over geologic time

About the Author(s)

David Osleger (Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute) is a Professor at the University of California Davis. He is the recipient, in 2012, of the UC Davis Academic Senate Undergraduate Distinguished Teaching Award. In his research Dr. Osleger applies stratigraphy and sedimentology to paleoenvironments, paleoceanography, and paleolimnology.

Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Inner Earth, Plate Tectonics, Rocks, and Deep Time

    PART 1: National Parks of the Colorado Plateau
    Chapter 2: Colorado Plateau Geologic Province
    Chapter 3: Grand Canyon NP
    Chapter 4: Zion NP
    Chapter 5: Bryce Canyon NP
    Chapter 7: Arches NP
    Chapter 8: Canyonlands NP
    Chapter 9: Dinosaur NM
    Chapter 10: Colorado NM
    Chapter 11: Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP

    PART 2: Volcanic National Parks of the Cascades
    Chapter 12: Cascades Geologic Province
    Chapter 13: Mount Saint Helens NM
    Chapter 14: Mount Rainier NP
    Chapter 15: Crater Lake NP
    Chapter 16: Lassen Volcanic NP

    PART 3: National Parks of the Sierra Nevada
    Chapter 17: Sierra Nevada Geologic Province
    Chapter 18: Yosemite NP
    Chapter 19: Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs

    PART 4: National Parks of the Rocky Mountains
    Chapter 20: Rocky Mountains Geologic Province
    Chapter 21: Rocky Mountains NP
    Chapter 22: Glacier NP

    PART 5: National Parks of the Basin & Range
    Chapter 23: Basin & Range Geologic Province
    Chapter 24: Death Valley NP
    Chapter 25: Grand Teton NP

    PART 6: National Parks of the Active Pacific Margin
    Chapter 26: Pacific Margin Geologic Province
    Chapter 27: Joshua Tree & Channel Islands NPs
    Chapter 28: Pinnacles NP
    Chapter 29: Point Reyes NS
    Chapter 30: Olympic National Park

    PART 7: National Parks Related to Hot Spots
    Chapter 31: Yellowstone National Park
    Chapter 32: Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

    PART 8: Evolution of the American Cordillera
    Chapter 33: Geologic History of the American West
    Chapter 34: Origin of the Grand Canyon

    PART 9: Select National Parks of the Appalachian Geologic Province
    Chapter 35: Appalachian Geologic Province
    Chapter 36: Shenandoah NP
    Chapter 37: Great Smoky Mountains NP
    Chapter 38: Acadia NP
    Chapter 39: Mammoth Cave NP

    EPILOGUE: Environmental Threats to Our National Parks

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