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Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions

Eighth Edition

Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee

Publication Date - 26 October 2022

ISBN: 9780197622612

768 pages
7 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches

In Stock

This best-selling introductory women's and gender studies reader is now available from Oxford University Press at a new, student-friendly price


Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings, Eighth Edition, is a balanced collection of classic, conceptual, and experiential selections. Accessible and student-friendly, the readings reflect the great diversity of women's experiences. Framework essays provide context and connections for students, while features like learning activities, ideas for activism, and questions for discussion provide a strong pedagogical structure for the readings.

New to this Edition

  • Forty-three new readings, bringing in diverse feminist writers and contemporary topics such as nonbinary gender identities, social media, purity culture, mental health, queer Black mothering, police violence, remote work, gun violence, the Capitol insurrection, Black Lives Matter, and much more
  • Revised chapter framework essays to reflect the most up-to-date research and theory in the field
  • New and revised sidebars that allow students to explore historical and contemporary issues from multidisciplinary and intersectional feminist perspectives


  • Framework essays that introduce students to core concepts / provide historical background
  • Diverse, intersectional readings that are also accessible to students
  • Combination of contemporary readings and classic pieces
  • Features include learning activities, activist profiles, ideas for activism, and other sidebars to encourage student engagement

About the Author(s)

Susan M. Shaw is Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University.

Janet Lee is Professor Emerita of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University.


"Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions is the best textbook for Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies on the market. My students really come to feel invested in the material, so much so that many of them take up activist work. Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions plays a big role in this transformation because the concepts and the readings are carefully constructed to engage students and show them the importance of what they're studying. It brings insightful discussions and primary texts together to foster insightful and productive conversations among students and instructors."--Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus

"I love Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions. It is by far the best text I've used for the Introduction to Gender Studies class. It's a really great all-around textbook--well-written and well-organized--about as close to perfect as you can get."--Robin Ryle, Hanover College

"Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions is simply one of the best readers for use in an introductory course. My favorite feature of this text is how it attempts to connect the production of knowledge within the classroom to life outside of the classroom. The many 'Learning Activities' and 'Ideas for Activism' found in each chapter allow students to begin recognizing that what they study in the course has actual relevance and application to their own lives, their personal histories, and to their larger communities."--Jan Wilson, University of Tulsa

Table of Contents

    Gendered Voices, Feminist Visions
    (*new to this edition)
    About the Authors

    Chapter 1: Women's and Gender Studies: Perspectives and Practices
    The Origins of WGS
    Women's Rights Activism in the United States
    WGS Today
    WGS and Feminism
    Feminism and its Myths
    1. Adrienne Rich, "Claiming an Education"
    2. Sara Ahmed, "Feminist Consciousness"
    3. *Combahee River Collective Statement
    4. Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, "A Day Without Feminism"
    5. Kia M. Q. Hall, "A Transnational Black Feminist Framework"
    6. *Valentine M. Moghadam, "Transnational Feminist Networks and Contemporary Crises"
    7. Graciela Mochkofsky, "Who Are You Calling Latinx?"
    8. Marge Piercy, "My Heroines"

    Chapter 2: Systems of Privilege and Inequality
    Difference, Hierarchy, and Systems of Privilege and Inequality
    Discourse, Power, and Knowledge
    9. Patricia Hill Collins, "Toward a New Vision"
    10. Vivian M. May, "Intersectionality"
    11. Audre Lorde, "There is No Hierarchy of Oppression"
    12. Gina Crosley-Corcoran, " Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person"
    13. Evin Taylor, "Cisgender Privilege"
    14. Ellie Mamber, "Don't Laugh, It's Serious, She Says"
    15. *Andrew Pulrang, "On Disability"
    16. Jim Ferris "Poems with Disabilities"

    Chapter 3: Learning Gender
    Gender, Culture, and Biology
    Gender Fluidity
    Gender Ranking
    17. Anne Fausto-Sterling, "The Five Sexes, Revisited"
    18. Judith Lorber, "The Social Construction of Gende"
    19. *Lisa M. Diamond, "Gender Fluidity and Nonbinary Gender Identities Among Children and Adolescents"
    20. *Lise Eliot, "You don't have a male or female brain"
    21. *Elisabet Dueholm Rasch, "Becoming a Maya Woman"
    22. Nellie Wong, "When I Was Growing Up"
    23. *Lois Gould, "X: A Fabulous Child's Story"

    Chapter 4: Inscribing Gender on the Body
    The Social Construction of the Body
    The "Beauty" Ideal
    Eating Disorders
    Negotiating "Beauty" Ideals
    24. *Viren Swamia, et al, "The Breast Size Satisfaction Survey"
    25. Gloria Steinem, "If Men Could Menstruate"
    26. *Charlotte Lieberman, "My Eating Disorder Made Me Feel Like a Feminist Fraud"
    27. *Marika Tiggemann Flinders, "The effect of viewing celebrity Instagram images with disclaimer and body positive captions on women's body image"
    28. Susie Orbach, "Fat is Still a Feminist Issue"
    29. *Jackson Bird, "Getting' jacked"

    Chapter 5: Media and Culture
    Digital Technologies
    Television and Streaming Services
    Contemporary Music and Music Videos
    Print Media
    Literature and the Arts
    30. Virginia Woolf, "Thinking about Shakespeare's Sister"
    31. Emily Dickinson, "The Wife"
    32. Audre Lorde, "Poetry is Not a Luxury"
    33. *Paul Onanuga, "How young, queer Nigerians use Twitter to shape identity and fight homophobia"
    34. *Melanie Kennedy, "TikTok celebrity, girls and the Coronavirus crisis"
    35. *Stephanie X. Hu, "Toxic Royalty: Feminism and the Rhetoric of Beauty in Disney Princess Films"
    36. *Jyni Verma, "What is Pop Feminism?: Unpacking the Layers of 'Girl Power' Feminism"

    Chapter 6: Sex, Power, and Intimacy
    The Social Construction of Sexuality
    The Politics of Sexuality
    Romantic Intimacy
    37. Linda Kay Klein, Pure
    38. Ellen Bass, "Gate C22"
    39. *Sunita Manian, "An intersectional inquiry into youth sexuality in two Indian states"
    40. Carl Collison, "Queer Muslim Women are Making Salaam with Who They Are"
    41. *Brandon Ambrosino, "The Invention of 'Heterosexuality'"
    42. *Michael Waters, "Finding Asexuality in the Archives"
    43. *Simon, Copland, "Born this way? Society, sexuality and the search for the 'gay gene'"
    44. Kimberly Springer, "Queering Black Female Heterosexuality"

    Chapter 7: Health and Reproductive Justice
    Health and Wellness
    Health Equity
    Androcentrism and Medicalization
    Corporate Responsibility
    Reproductive Justice
    Sterilization Practices
    Parenting Options and Contraceptive Technologies
    Abortion in the United States
    The Chipping Away of Roe v Wade
    45. *Renee Fabian, "Why Mental Health Is A Feminist Issue"
    46. *Kristina Hinz, et al, "Unholy alliance: the global crusade against reproductive justice"
    47. Sarah Combellick-Bidney, "Reproductive Rights as Human Rights"
    48. Aisha Wagner, "Doctors Need to Talk Openly about Race-Our Patients Depend on It"
    49. *Whitney Wood and Joanna Bourke, "Conceptualising Gender and Pain in Modern History"
    50. Don Operario and Tooru Nemoto,"On Being Transnational and Transgender"
    51. *Jennifer Gerson, "How Indigenous Women Repealed New Mexico's Longstanding Abortion Ban"

    Chapter 8: Family Systems, Family Lives
    Definitions of Family
    Family Diversity
    Institutional Connections
    Gender, Power, and Family Relationships
    Family Work
    Household Labor
    52. Emma Goldman, "Marriage and Love"
    53. *Katherine Goldstein, "Where are the Mothers"
    54. *C. Nicole Mason, "A Black, Queer Single Mother on Why I Am Proud to Use the Term Single Mother by Choice"
    55. *How to Make Your Marriage Gayer
    56. *Emma John, "Why are increasing numbers of women choosing to be single?"
    57. 8.6 Folah Oludayo and Susan Shaw, "Family Violence is Fueling the Trafficking of Yorùbá Girls in Nigeria"
    58. Mohja Kahf, "My Grandmother Washes Her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears"

    Chapter 9: Paid Employment
    Trends and Legalities
    The Dual Labor Market and the Changing Economy
    Labor Force Participation
    Differences in Earned Income
    59. Sharlene Hesse-Biber and Gregg Lee Carter, "A Brief History of Working Women"
    60. *Corinne Schwarz, Emily J. Kennedy, and Hannah Britton, "Aligned Across Difference"
    61. *Vesselina Stefanova Ratcheva and Saadia Zahid, "Which Country Will Be the First to Close the Gender Gap?"
    62. *Christopher Carpenter and Gilbert Gonzales, "Transgender Americans are more likely to be unemployed and poor"
    63. *Madison Pauly, "Massage Parlor Workers Say Policing Isn't the Answer to the Violence They Face"
    64. Leah Fessler, "Workplace Harassment in the Age of Remote Work"

    Chapter 10: Resisting Gender Violence
    Gender Violence in the US and Worldwide
    Child Molestation and Incest
    Teen Violence
    Sexual Assault and Rape
    Intimate Partner Physical Violence
    65. Mariah Lockwood, "She Said"
    66. *Emilie Linder, "Gender Aspects of Human Trafficking"
    67. *Homa Khaleeli, "#SayHerName"
    68. *Chelsea Spencer, et al, "Why Sexual Assault Survivors Do Not Report to Universities"
    69. *Lisa Monchalina, Olga Marquesb, Charles Reasons, Prince Arorad, "Homicide and Indigenous peoples in North America"
    70. *Mikki Kendall, Gun Violence
    71. Grace Caroline Bridges, "Lisa's Ritual, Age 10"

    Chapter 11: State, Law, and Social Policy
    Government and Representation
    Gender and Citizenship
    Gender and Electoral Politics
    Public Policy
    The Criminal Justice System
    The Military
    72. Susan B. Anthony, "Constitutional Argument"
    73. *Kaden Paulson-Smith, "Political Violence Targeting LGBT+ Communities in Africa"
    74. *Jim Daley, "Killings by Police Declined after Black Lives Matter Protests"
    75. Margot Wallstrom, "Speech on Sweden's Feminist Foreign Policy" (75)
    76. *Brenda Della Casa, "What It Feels Like to be on Welfare"
    77. *Susan M. Shaw, "The Women of the Insurrection"

    Chapter 12: Religion and Spirituality
    Religion as Oppressive
    Religion as Empowering
    Gender and God-Language
    Reinterpreting, Reconstructing, and Decolonizing Traditions
    Interconnections between Religion and Other Social Institutions
    Creating New Spiritual Traditions
    78. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, "Introduction to The Woman's Bible"
    79. *Ansel Elkins, "Autobiography of Eve"
    80. 12.3 Karen McCarthy Brown, "Fundamentalism and the Control of Women"
    81. *Brittney Cooper, "Grown-Woman Theology"
    82. *Maryam Khan & Nick J. Mulé, "LBTQ Muslim Women Living Out Intersectional Lives in North America"
    83. *Salomé Grouard, "Buddhist Nuns and Their Crusade for Recognition in Southeast Asia"
    84. *Mara H. Benjamin, "Tracing the Contours of Half a Century of Jewish Feminist Theology"
    85. *Kelly Brown Douglas, "How Evangelicals Became White"

    Chapter 13: Activism, Change, and Feminist Futures
    The Promise of Feminist Education
    Future Visions
    86. Byron Hurt, "Feminist Men"
    87. Maizi, "I Went to Jail for Handing out Feminist Stickers in China"
    88. *Kalki Subramanian, "I'm on a mission to empower India's transgender community, one painted palm at a time"
    89. Teresa Velasquez, "Mestiza Women's Anti-Mining Activism in Andean Ecuador"
    90. Lucas Platero and Esther Ortega-Arjonilla, "Building Coalitions"
    91. Laurie Penny, "Most Women You Know are Angry"
    92. Loretta J. Ross, "Speaking Up Without Tearing Down"
    93. Yvette Alex-Assensoh, "What's Love Got to Do with It?"
    94. *Kristal Brent Zook, "How Black Lives Matter Came to the Academy"
    95. Jenny Joseph, "Warning"

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