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Gender Inequality

Feminist Theories and Politics

Fifth Edition

Dr. Judith Lorber

Publication Date - 14 December 2011

ISBN: 9780199859085

354 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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An overview of feminism by a "founding mother" of the field


In Gender Inequality: Feminist Theories and Politics, Fifth Edition, internationally renowned feminist Judith Lorber examines thirteen evolving theories of gender inequality. Tightly structured around Lorber's own paradigm of "reform, resistance, rebellion," this combination text/reader acknowledges feminism's significant contributions to redressing gender inequality and celebrates its enormous accomplishments over the last forty years. It also documents feminism's ongoing political activism, and with an exploration of postmodern and third-wave trends, points toward its future.

Significantly rewritten, reorganized, and updated, the fifth edition includes:

* More coverage of cultural feminism
* New readings on such topics as deconstruction, ecofeminism, and Chicana feminism
* An expanded discussion of postmodern feminism, including transgendering and its congruences and conflicts with feminist theory and politics
* New references on transnational feminism and feminist studies of men

About the Author(s)

Judith Lorber is Professor Emerita of Sociology and Women's Studies at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York. She is the author of Breaking the Bowls: Degendering and Feminist Change (2005), Paradoxes of Gender (1994), numerous articles on gender and on women in healthcare, and coauthor of Gendered Bodies: Feminist Perspectives (OUP, 2006) and Gender and the Social Construction of Illness (2002).

Previous Publication Date(s)

December 2011
March 2009
March 2005


"Gender Inequality provides an excellent overview of feminist theories that are often given short shrift in other texts. "--Susan Farrell, Kingsborough Community College

"The best book out there for exposing students to the nuances of feminist theory."--Dana Berkowitz, Louisiana State University

"The pedagogy is outstanding!"--Jane Prather, California State University, Northridge

Table of Contents

    * = New to the Fifth Edition

    Feminisms and Their Contributions to Gender Equality
    Part I: Gender Reform Feminisms
    1. Liberal Feminism
    A Theory of Female Subordination by Cynthia Fuchs Epstein
    *Children of the Gender Revolution by Kathleen Gerson
    2. Marxist Feminism
    Theorizing Racial and Gendered Class by Joan Acker
    Gender, Race, and Citizenship by Evelyn Nakano Glenn
    3. Socialist Feminism
    Gender and Complex Inequality by Leslie McCall
    The Invisible Heart by Nancy Folbre
    4. Transnational Feminism
    Under Western Eyes at the Turn of the Century by Chandra Talpade Mohanty
    *Challenges in Transnational Feminist Mobilization by Aili Mari Tripp
    Part II: Gender Resistance Feminisms
    5. Radical Feminism
    Redstockings Manifesto by Redstockings
    *Biopiracy of Body-Based Resources by Susan Hawthorne
    6. Lesbian Feminism
    Decentering Lesbian Feminism by Arlene Stein
    Lipstick or Timberlands: Gender Presentation in Black Lesbian Communities by Mignon R. Moore
    7. Psychoanalytic and Cultural Feminism
    Freud and Feminism by Nancy J. Chodorow
    The Laugh of the Medusa by Hélène Cixous
    8. Standpoint Feminism
    Women's Standpoint: Embodied Knowledge versus the Ruling Relations by Dorothy E. Smith
    Gendered Standpoints on Nature by Sandra Harding
    Part III: Gender Rebellion Feminisms
    9. Social Construction Feminism
    *Framed Before We Know It by Cecilia L. Ridgeway
    Gender as a Social Structure by Barbara J. Risman
    10. Multiracial/Multiethnic Feminism
    Black Feminism, Knowledge, and Power by Patricia Hill Collins
    *Gloria Anzaldúa's Spiritual Activism by AnaLouise Keating
    11. Feminist Studies of Men
    Hegemonic Masculinity by Raewyn Connell and James W. Messerschmidt
    *Racializing the Glass Escalator by Adia Harvey Wingfield
    12. Post-Modern Feminism and Queer Theory
    Gender, Sex, and Sexual Performativity by Judith Butler
    "A Rose is a Rose" by Tey Meadows
    13. Third-Wave Feminism
    *What is Third-Wave Feminism? by R. Claire Snyder
    Third-Wave Black Feminism? by Kimberly Springer
    Towards a New Feminism

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