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Successful Grantwriting for Your Nonprofit

Richard Hoefer

Publication Date - June 2017

ISBN: 9780190681876

208 pages
7 x 10 inches

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Readers follow the process of learning about writing grants by completing exercises at the end of each chapter, moving from finding funding opportunities to submitting the completed proposal.


Funded! leads readers from knowing nothing about writing grants to having a complete grant proposal. Based on personal experience and the experiences of dozens of professional nonprofit grantwriters, students learn about writing grants by completing exercises at the end of each chapter, moving from finding funding opportunities to submitting the completed proposal. The book covers every essential grantwriting topic: finding funding, writing needs statements, finding or developing evidence-based programs, developing logic models, writing evaluation plans, describing implantation plans, budgeting, sustainability planning, and submission to the funder. Overall, it is an invaluable resource that provides flexibility for instructors, students, and professionals to learn about grantwriting in a variety of settings and formats.


  • Comprehensive and accessible for people new to grantwriting but with enough depth to provide new information to experienced grant writers.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to do the specific tasks necessary for developing a successful grant proposal.
  • End-of-chapter exercises to "practice what you've learned."
  • Shows how to use logic models for program design, evaluation, implementation, and budgeting purposes.
  • Equally useful for government and foundation grant applications.

About the Author(s)

Richard Hoefer, PhD, MA, MSSW, is Roy E. Dulak Professor for Community Practice Research at the University of Texas at Arlington's School of Social Work. Dr. Hoefer is the author, co-author, and editor of seven books, founding and current editor of The Journal of Policy Practice, and author of more than 70 journal articles, book chapters, and other academic products on topics of nonprofit management, social policy, and research methods.


"This is an outstanding book. The author covers the key major points in grantwriting. I truly wish I had had the advantage of such a comprehensive guide earlier in my career, but I find it useful even now. It is really more important today because the ration of grantwriting success has become much more stringent than it has been in years past, and may become more stringent still. This higher 'failure' rate means that the ROI on each submission has declined, which in turn means more grants need to be submitted, which means that the cost of lost opportunities in other work is higher. This book will surely increase the success potential of your proposals." -- John Tropman, PhD, MA, Henry J. Meyer Collegiate Professor of Social Work, University of Michigan; Vice President, Network of Social Work Managers

"Fundraising is job one for anyone involved in the nonprofit sector. Without money, nothing happens. Grant funding is an important part of this effort and one that is often both competitive and fraught with misconceptions. Fortunately, Richard Hoefer's new book, Funded! provides a clear and easy-to-follow path to grant seeking success. The book takes the reader through the process from grant planning and research to proposal writing and finally to submission and management. It is full of great advice, and will be a real help to novice grant professionals while providing experienced hands with new tools and ideas to make their work easier and more successful. In addition, illustrations, exercises, and diagrams make this book a terrific tool for graduate and undergraduate courses in fundraising and grantwriting." -- John G. McNutt, PhD, MSW, Professor, School of Public Policy & Administration, University of Delaware

"Richard Hoefer knows whereof he speaks when he speaks about grantwriting. This book covers how to get started and moves on through where to look for sources, how to include evidence-based programs and approaches in one's proposals, through logic models. It concludes with program evaluation, implementation, budgeting, and a very useful discussion of agency capacity and capabilities." The New Social Worker

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Grantwriting and YOU
    Chapter 2: Grantwriting in the Age of Scarcity
    Chapter 3: Finding Foundation Funding Sources
    Chapter 4: Finding Government Funding Sources
    Chapter 5: Uncovering Need in Your Community
    Chapter 6: Finding and Creating Evidence-based Programs
    Chapter 7: Logic Models
    Chapter 8: Program Evaluation
    Chapter 9: Program Implementation Planning
    Chapter 10: Budgeting
    Chapter 11: Agency Capacity and Capabilities
    Chapter 12: Final Details

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