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Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

Lab Manual

Seventh Edition

David A. Bell

Publication Date - November 2009

ISBN: 9780195430363

128 pages

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The laboratory investigations in this manual are designed to demonstrate the theoretical principles set out in the book Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 7th edition. A total of 27 laboratory investigations are offered, demonstrating the circuits and theories discussed in the textbook. Each investigation can normally be completed within a two-hour period. The procedures contain some references to the textbook; however, all necessary circuit and connection diagrams are provided in the manual so that investigations can also be preformed without the textbook.


  • An introduction that briefly describes the investigation
  • A list of required equipment and components
  • Circuit diagrams and connection diagrams
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • A laboratory record sheet for recording data
  • An analysis section for processing data

About the Author(s)

David A. Bell is a professional engineer. He was employed as a circuit design specialist in the electronics industry for many years before becoming a professor at Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology. He has written five electronics/technology books, which are in multiple editions. These texts have been used in colleges and universities throughout Canada and the United States and around the world.

Previous Publication Date(s)

November 2009
January 2007
February 1986

Table of Contents

    Laboratory Investigations and Reports
    Using Digital and Analog Multimeters
    Ohm's Law
    Series Resistive Circuit
    Parallel Resistive Circuits
    Series-parallel Circuits
    Resistive Networks
    Network Theorems
    Voltage Cells and Batteries
    Magnetic Fields
    Laboratory-Constructed Analog Instruments
    Wheatstone Bridge
    DC RC Circuit
    Rectifier Voltmeter
    AC RL Circuit
    AC RC Circuit
    Series and Parallel Impedance Circuits
    Power in AC Circuits
    Series Resonance
    Parallel Resonance
    Low-Pass and High-Pass Filters
    Three-Phase Y-Connected Loads
    Three-Phase D-Connected Loads
    Phase Sequence Testing

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