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From the Stage to the Studio

How Fine Musicians Become Great Teachers

Cornelia Watkins and Laurie Scott

Publication Date - May 2012

ISBN: 9780199740512

320 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Provides musicians with the tools and information necessary to become effective music educators as they supplement their performance careers


"The fact is, you will teach."
from the Foreword by Stephen Clapp, Dean Emeritus, The Julliard School.

Whether serving on the faculty at a university, maintaining a class of private students, or fulfilling an invitation as guest artist in a master class series, virtually all musicians will teach during their careers. From the Stage to the Studio speaks directly to the performing musician, highlighting the significant advantages of becoming distinguished both as a performer and a pedagogue. Drawing on over sixty years of combined experience, authors Cornelia Watkins and Laurie Scott provide the guidance and information necessary for any musician to translate his or her individual approach into productive and rewarding teacher-student interactions. Premised on the synergistic relationship between teaching and performing, this book provides a structure for clarifying the essential elements of musical artistry, and connects them to such tangible situations as setting up a studio, teaching a master class, interviewing for a job, judging competitions, and recruiting students. From the Stage to the Studio serves as an essential resource for university studio faculty, music pedagogy teachers, college music majors, and professionals looking to add effective teaching to their artistic repertoire.


  • Gives performing musicians a frame on which to build their own pedagogical approach
  • Can be utilized by the private sector, or in academic settings as a pedagogy or music education class textbook
  • Includes a complete two-semester syllabus, which can guide a pedagogy instructor in course planning

About the Author(s)

Cornelia Watkins teaches pedagogy at Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music.
Laurie Scott is Associate Professor of Music and Human Learning at The University of Texas at Austin.


"I love what this book says about the art of music. When I think of how many years, master teachers, serendipitous or just fortuitous moments of realization and connection between body and soul, how many once-in-a-lifetime revelations I have accumulated and, NOW, to find it all in one book! I am stunned, amazed, and forever grateful." --Richard Stoltzman, Grammy Award-Winning Clarinetist

"From the Stage to the Studio is an essential keystone for any musician who wishes to build a career that arches between the pillars of performing and teaching. Its guidance is strong, thorough, inspirational, and practical, including everything you need to know, as well as workbook activities that help you grasp your own personal understandings and lifelong learning goals. I recommend it highly." --Eric Booth, International arts learning consultant, author of The Music Teaching Artist's Bible (Oxford, 2009)

"From the Stage to the Studio is amazingly comprehensive. The insightful, practical and creative advice of Watkins and Scott exceed what could be taught in years of pedagogy courses or private lessons. Kudos to the authors on their infinitely practical suggestions, which will be invaluable to musicians, teachers and their students!" -Barry Green, Bassist, Author of Inner Game of Music, The Mastery of Music, and Bringing Music to Life

"This is not just a great book about music education - it is a great book about music and what it can mean to people." --The Strad

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents
    Foreword by Stephen Clapp
    Chapter 1 - Musicianship
    Chapter 2- Listening
    Chapter 3- Technique
    Chapter 4- Practicing
    Chapter 5- Performing
    Chapter 6- Teaching Principles
    Chapter 7- Sequencing
    Chapter 8- Fostering Student Independence
    Chapter 9- Comprehensive Teaching
    Chapter 10- Your Teaching Philosophy
    Chapter 11 Establishing a Teaching Studio
    Chapter 12- Groups, Ensembles, Classrooms and Other Teaching Situations
    Chapter 13- Daily Considerations and Challenges
    Chapter 14- Continuing to Learn
    Appendix i.1 How to Use This Book
    Appendix i.2 Two-Semester Companion Syllabus
    Appendix i.3 The Fully Prepared Music Student
    Appendix 9.1 Connecting Expressive Sound to Bow Technique
    Appendix 9.2 Student Assessment Form
    Appendix 10.1 Applying for (and Securing) a University Teaching Position
    Appendix 12.1 Sample Course Objectives for a Methods Class
    Appendix 12.2 Suggestions for Effective Middle and High School Rehearsals
    Appendix 12.3 Musician's Universal Rubric
    Appendix 12.4 Disability Law, Accommodations, and Resources