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From Molecules to Crystallizers

Roger J. Davey and John Garside

Publication Date - 10 May 2001

ISBN: 9780198504894

96 pages


Crystallization is one of the oldest separation processes used in the chemical industry and is still one of the most important. It is also going through an exciting renaissance with the result that it is becoming yet more central to the needs of the modern chemical industry. As well as its long-standing use in the commodity chemicals business, it is central to the fine and speciality areas. The emphasis in crystallization has thus been changing from the simple production of bulk solid particles to one in which ever higher standards and reproducibility of particle size, size distribution, crystal form and particle morphology are demanded in both product and process development.


  • Both authors are world-recognized experts on crystallization
  • There are no other text books of this length on crystallization processes available

Table of Contents

    Phase Equilibrium and Crystallization Techniques
    Crystal Growth
    Crystal Habit Control
    Polymorphism and Metastable Phase Formation
    Number Balances and Size Distribution Modelling
    Characteristics of Continuous Crystallizers
    Characteristics of Batch Crystallizers
    Crystals in Formulated Products

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