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From Cronkite to Colbert

Geoffrey Baym

Publication Date - January 2006

ISBN: 9780199945832


About the Author(s)

Geoffrey Baym is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He has written numerous journal articles and book chapters on the changing styles and standards of news media and political discourse. He has worked as a newswriter, reporter, and researcher for media outlets such as the CBS Network News, KSL Television in Salt Lake City, and the Tucson Citizen.

Table of Contents

    Chapter One: Jon Stewart, Brian Williams, and Ted Koppel's Giant Head

    Chapter Two: Representing Reality

    Chapter Three: Publicizing Politics

    Chapter Four: The Slow Death of CBS News

    Chapter Five: News from Somewhere: Hybrid Blends in the Multichannel Era

    Chapter Six: The Daily Show and The Reinvention of Political Journalism

    Chapter Seven: "Nothing I'm Saying Means Anything": Stephen Colbert and the New Language of Public Affairs

    Chapter Eight: Networked News: Stewart, Colbert, and the New Public Sphere

    Chapter Nine: Real News, Fake News, and the Conversation of Democracy