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Four Sociological Traditions

Revised and Expanded Edition of Three Sociological Traditions

Randall Collins

Publication Date - 03 March 1994

ISBN: 9780195082081

336 pages
5-5/16 x 8 inches

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The updated version of Collins's critically-acclaimed Three Sociological Traditions, this text presents a concise intellectual history of sociology organized around the development of four classic schools of thought: the conflict tradition of Marx and Weber, the ritual solidarity of Durkheim, the microinteractionist tradition of Mead, Blumer, and Garfinkel, and--new to this edition--the utilitarian/rational choice tradition. Collins, one of the liveliest and most exciting writers in sociology today, traces the intellectual highlights of these four main schools from classical theories to current developments, introducing the roots of sociology and indicating the areas where progress has been made in our understanding, the areas where controversy still exists, and the direction in which sociology is headed.

Previous Publication Date(s)

March 1985

Table of Contents

    Prologue: The Rise of the Social Sciences
    Social Thought in the Agrarian Empires
    Medieval Universities Create the Modern Intellectual
    Economics: the First Social Science
    The Rise of Public Schools and the University Revolution
    The Development of the Disciplines
    1. The Conflict Tradition
    The Pivotal Position of Karl Marx
    Friedrich Engels, the Sociologist in the Shadows
    Max Weber and the Multidimensional Theory of Stratification
    The Twentieth Century Intermingles Marxian and Weberian Ideas
    APPENDIX: Simmel, Coser, and Functionalist Conflict Theory
    2. The Rational/Utilitarian Tradition
    The Original Rise and Fall of Utilitarian Philosophy
    Bringing the Individual Back In
    Sociology Discovers Sexual and Marriage Markets
    Three Applications of Sociological Markets: Educational Inflation, Split Labor Markets, Illegal Goods
    The Paradoxes and Limits of Rationality
    Proposed Rational Solutions for Creating Social Solidarity Economics Invades Sociology, and Vice Versa
    The Rational Theory of the State
    The New Utilitarian Policy Science
    3. The Durkheimian Tradition
    Sociology as the Science of Social Order
    Two Wings: The Macro Tradition
    The Second Wing: The Lineage of Social Anthropology
    Ritual Exchange Networks: The Micro/Macro Linkage
    The Future of the Durkheimian Tradition
    4. The Microinteractionist Tradition
    A Native American Sociology
    The Pragmatism of Charles Sanders Peirce
    Society Is in The Mind: Cooley
    George Herbert Mead's Sociology of Thinking
    Blumer Creates Symbolic Interactionism
    The Sociology of Consciousness: Husserl, Schutz, and Garfinkel
    Erving Goffman's Counterattack
    A Summing Up