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Foundations of Science Mathematics: Worked Problems

D. S. Sivia and S. G. Rawlings

Publication Date - November 2000

ISBN: 9780198504290

96 pages


With its companion volume, Foundations of Science Mathematics(Oxford Chemistry Primer 77), this book bridges the gap between high school and university-level maths. It provides solutions to most of the problems set in the companion volume and aims to bolster the reader's practical confidence by providing model answers, and additional comments, for a broad range of exercises. The informal tutorial style adopted in the principal text has been maintained and its concise nature makes it a useful reference for the experienced professional.


  • Starts from a very low level (GCSE maths)
  • Develops all the university-level maths needed by the majority of student and professional scientists and engineers
  • Very concise
  • Well illustrated

Table of Contents

    1. Basic algebra and arithmetic
    2. Curves and graphs
    3. Trigonometry
    4. Differentiation
    5. Integration
    6. Taylor series
    7. Complex numbers
    8. Vectors
    9. Matrices
    10. Partial differentiation
    11. Line integrals
    12. Multiple integrals
    13. Ordinary differential equations
    14. Partial differential equations
    15. Fourier series and transforms

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