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Foundations of Science Mathematics

D. S. Sivia and S. G. Rawlings

Publication Date - September 1999

ISBN: 9780198504283

96 pages

Retail Price to Students: $25.00


Mathematics play a central role in the life of every scientist and engineer, from the earliest school days to late into the college and professional years. While the subject is met with enthusiasm or reluctance, depending on individual taste, all are required to learn it to some degree. This book spans a large range of topics, from basic arithmetic and algebra to calculus and Fourier transforms, and bridges the gap between high school and college. The heart of the book is the conveying of a meaningful understanding of where mathematical results originated, with a lesser emphasis on the formal proof of each statement. Thus, it is ideal for undergraduates studying math, chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and related subjects. Also, its informal and readable tutorial style make it appropriate for the novice, while its very concise nature will insure that it is a useful reference for the experienced professional.

Table of Contents

    1. Basic algebra and arithmetic
    2. Curves and graphs
    3. Trigonometry
    4. Differentiation
    5. Integration
    6. Taylor series
    7. Complex numbers
    8. Vectors
    9. Matrices
    10. Partial differentiation
    11. Line integrals
    12. Multiple integrals
    13. Ordinary differential equations
    14. Partial differential equations
    15. Fourier series and transforms

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