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Foundations of Physics for Chemists

G. A. D. Ritchie and D. S. Sivia

Publication Date - 16 November 2000

ISBN: 9780198503606

96 pages


This presents the fundamental physics required for a full understanding of a diverse range of chemical phenomena and techniques such as diffraction, reaction rates and nuclear magnetic resonance. The text begins with a discussion of classical and wave mechanics which allows quantum mechanics to be introduced at an early stage. The ideas presented in these early chapters are subsequently developed to deal with the traditional physics topics of kinetic theory, electrostatics, magnetism and optics. However, the text maintains a distinct chemical perspective by focusing on relevant chemical examples rather than the more hypothetical examples favored by the majority of introductory physics texts. Students will find the information presented directly applicable to the concepts and examples that they encounter throughout an undergraduate chemistry course.


"It may be unfashionable in certain quarters to say so but some physics, in particular, is essential for chemistry.... [T]his primer is a worthy addition to a good series - one that all chemists and their teachers should find useful. I, for one, shall certainly find it very helpful in my own teaching."--Chemistry and Industry

Table of Contents

    1. Classical mechanics
    2. Waves and vibrations
    3. Quantum mechanics
    4. Kinetic theory of gases
    5. Electrostatics
    6. Electromagnetism
    7. Optics

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