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Foundations of Global Health

An Interdisciplinary Reader

Peter J. Brown and Svea Closser

Publication Date - 02 March 2018

ISBN: 9780190647940

512 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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An interdisciplinary, student-friendly hybrid text/reader for Introduction to Global Health courses


Foundations of Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Reader is a collection of highly readable articles with a significant amount of original text by the editors. Supplementary instructive materials include "conceptual tools" summaries, background information on authors and context, provocative section and article introductions, discussion questions, and suggestions for further reading and internet exploration. Like the field of global health itself, the readings focus on the public health challenges faced by low- and middle-income countries as well as the persistent problems of health disparities in high-income countries.

About the Author(s)

Peter J. Brown is Professor of Anthropology at Emory University.

Svea Closser is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Middlebury College.


"I am absolutely thrilled with the coverage of important topics in this book. It has brought together a fantastic assortment of the 'Greatest Hits' in global health with valuable new contributions in the original content. The interdisciplinary and holistic focus is ideal for introducing the very broad field of global health to students who may come from a range of perspectives."--Bria Dunham, Boston University

"I appreciate the approach of this book. The authors have worked hard to include a broad array of readings; they demonstrate that much of what exists in the literature does not work for undergraduates. The readings are engaging and on point."--Ann Magennis, Colorado State University

"Foundations of Global Health is both a text and a reader designed for introducing undergraduates to the basic concepts and questions in global health while presenting them with dynamic, engaging readings from the field."--M. Cameron Hay, Miami University

"Foundations of Global Health provides a sound interdisciplinary introduction to the key issues and concepts in the field of global health. Through essays contextualized by editors' commentary, students are encouraged to fully engage in the field. As an introduction to global health, this book provides a variety of instructive materials to help students as they navigate their way through their global health courses."--Laura E. Nathan, University of California, Berkeley

Table of Contents

    Each section includes Conceptual Tools and Web Resources and Cases.



    1. What is Global Health?, Peter Brown and Svea Closser
    Box: What's Your Major?
    Box: Four Portraits in Global Health, Ann Lindstrand, Staffan Bergstrom, Hans Rosling, Biritta Rubenson, Bo Stenson, and Thorkild Tylleskar

    Section 1.1: Milestones in Global Health
    2. The Broad Street Pump, Stephen Johnson
    3. The Influenza Epidemic of 1918, John Barry
    4. House on Fire: The Fight to Eradicate Smallpox, William Foege
    5. A Pinch, a Fist, a Cup of Water: ORT in Bangladesh, Richard Hilts
    6. "Science Will Always Win in the End": The Epidemiologist Who Proved that Smoking Causes Cancer, Anna Wagstaff and Richard Doll
    7. Declaration of Alma Ata, World Health Organization
    8. AIDS in 2006 - Moving toward One World, One Hope?, Jim Kim and Paul Farmer

    Section 1.2: Epidemiology and the Basic methods of Global Health
    9. Inside the Outbreaks, Mark Pendergrast
    10. Epidemiology and Surveillance, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Section 1.3 Metrics and the Burden of Disease
    11. Using Evidence About "Best Buys" to Advance Global Health, Ramanan Laxminarayan and Lori Ashford
    12. The Long Defeat, Tracy Kidder
    13. Counting is Complicated, Adeola Oni-Orisan


    Section 2.1: Water
    14. Hygiene, Sanitation, and Water: Forgotten Foundations of Health, Jamie Bartram and Sandy Cairncross
    15 Water, Worry, and Mental Health, Amber Wutich
    16. What Went Wrong in Flint, The Natural Hazards Center

    Section 2.2: Air
    17. Indoor Air Pollution in Developing Countries, Nigel Bruce, Rogelio Perez-Padilla, and Rachel Albalak
    18. Tobacco Industry Interference: A Global Brief, World Health Organization
    19. Climate Change and Global Health, George Luber

    Section 2.3: Food
    20. Clinical Medicine or Public Health? The History of Mortality Decline, Thomas McKeown
    21. The nature of child malnutrition and its long-term implications, Rey Martorell
    22. Statement to the Security Council on Missions to Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, and Kenya, Steven O'Brien
    23. Hunger in the AIDS Economy of Central Mozambique, Ippolytos Kalofonos
    24. A Nutrition Paradox--Underweight and Obesity in Developing Countries, Benjamin Caballero


    Section 3.1: Health Inequalities and the Social Gradient
    25. Social Determinants of Health: the Solid Facts, Richard Wilkinson and Michael Marmot
    26. Disease and Dying while Black: How Racism, Not Race, Gets under the Skin, Allan Goodman

    Section 3.2 Sex and Reproduction
    27. Why is HIV Prevalence So Severe in Southern Africa?, Daniel T. Halperin and Helen Epstein
    28. Understanding HIV/AIDS in the African Context, Eileen Stillwaggon and Larry Sawer
    29. Female Genital Cutting: Between Marriage and Marketplace, Homa Hoodfar
    30. Saving Mothers' Lives in Sri Lanka, Ruth Levine

    Section 3.3 Violence
    31. The Global Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women, K. M. Devries, J. Y. T. Mak, C. García-Moreno, M. Petzold, J. C. Child, G. Falder, S. Lim, L. J. Bacchus, R. E. Engell, L. Rosenfeld, C. Pallitto, T. Vos, N. Abrahams, and C. H. Watts
    32. War and Public Health: An Overview, Barry Levy and Victor Sidel
    33. Beyond Happy Endings, Peter Redfield
    34. Structural Violence and Clinical Medicine, Paul E. Farmer, Bruce Nizeye, Sara Stulac, and Salmaan Keshavjee


    Section 4.1: A History of Health Institutions and Programs
    35. The Four 19th Century Cultural Roots of International and Global Health: A model for understanding current policy debates, Peter J. Brown
    36. Coercion and Consent in Smallpox Eradication, Paul Greenough
    37. Looking Back in Time from Ebola, Randall Packard

    Section 4.2: Health Systems and Foreign Aid
    38. A Heart for the Work, Claire Wendland
    39. Turning the World Upside Down, Nigel Crisp
    40. Why We Must Provide Better Support for Pakistan's Female Frontline Health Workers, Svea Closser and Rashid Jooma
    41. Are NGOs undermining health systems in Mozambique?, James Pfeiffer
    42. The Vital Case for Global Health Investments, Sten Vermund and Ann Kurth
    43. Treating depression where there are no mental health professionals, Vikram Patel
    44. Beyond Shamanism: The Relevance of African Traditional Medicine in Global Health Policy, Obijiofor Aginam

    Section 4.3: Health Communication
    45. Riding High on Taru Fever: Entertainment-Education Broadcasts, Ground Mobilization, and Service Delivery in Rural India, Arvind Singhal
    46. Managing Rumours and Misinformation in West Africa, Amzath Fassassi; and Ebola: Limitations of Correcting Misinformation, Clare Chandler, James Fairhead, Ann Kelly, Melissa Leach, Frederick Martineau, Esther Mokuwa, Melissa Parker, Paul Richards, Annie Wilkinson, for the Ebola Response Anthropology Platform

    Section 4.4: Ethics, Projects and Human Rights - The Future of Global Health
    47. The Right to Health, World Health Organization and Office of the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights
    48. Stop Trying to Save the World: Big ideas are destroying international development, Michael Hobbs
    49. Global Health: Your Life, Your Life Decisions, Your Moral Obligations, Peter J. Brown and Svea Closser
    Boxes by Pam Berenbaum, Nils Daulaire, Abhay Shukla, Emily Bensen, and Bill Foege; shorter pieces by several other authors

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