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Foundations of Chemical Biology

C. M. Dobson, J. A. Gerrard, and A. J. Pratt

Publication Date - 14 March 2002

ISBN: 9780199248995

104 pages


Chemical biology is born out of a desire to understand the molecular basis of life. What are the molecules found in cells? How do their intrinsic properties equip them to perform all the complex processes found in cells? This book introduces the fundamental chemistry of the molecules that are essential to all cells. The molecules covered include amino acids and sugar phosphate derivatives, and the macromolecules derived from them (proteins and nucleic acids respectively). In such a short text it is not possible to provide a comprehensive account of the chemistry of these molecules; instead this book introduces important concepts concerning their intrinsic chemistry. The aim is to provide the fundamental ideas relating to the chemistry of life that can then be applied to more advanced aspects of chemical biology.


  • Oxford Chemistry Primers are affordable and accessible
  • The authors have experience teaching this subject to undergraduates

Table of Contents

    1. The chemicals of biological systems
    2. Introduction to amino acids and proteins
    3. The structures of proteins
    4. From structure to metabolic function: the globins
    5. Proteins as catalysts
    6. Sugars and phosphates: an introduction
    7. Metabolism and the biochemistry of glucose
    8. Lipids: cells as compartments
    9. Genetic information: nucleotides and nucleic acids
    10. Epilogue: where to from here?

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