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Foreign Policy

Theories, Actors, Cases

Second Edition

Edited by Steve Smith, Amelia Hadfield, and Tim Dunne

Publication Date - September 2012

ISBN: 9780199596232

496 pages
9.7 x 7.4 inches

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Offering a balanced view of IR theory and real-world practice, Foreign Policy, Second Edition, provides an engaging introduction to this dynamic and evolving field. Featuring contributions from an international group of experts, it opens with a consideration of different theoretical and historical perspectives and then goes on to cover such timely issues as climate change and EU-Russia energy dynamics.

New to this Edition

  • A new chapter on discourse analysis and foreign policy
  • New cases on Latin America and Brazil and Australia and climate change
  • An updated Companion Website that provides resources for students and instructors

Table of Contents

    Preface, James Rosenau
    Introduction, Steve Smith, Amelia Hadfield, and Tim Dunne
    1: Foreign Policy Analysis: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives
    1. Foreign Policy Analysis: Disciplinary Context and Historical Practice, Valerie N. Hudson
    2. Realism and Foreign Policy, William C. Wohlforth
    3. Liberalism and Foreign Policy, Michael W. Doyle
    4. Constructivism and Foreign Policy, Trine Flockhart
    5. Discourse Analysis and Foreign Policy, Lene Hansen
    2: Analyzing Foreign Policy: Actors, Context and Goals
    6. Actors, Structures, and Foreign Policy Analysis, Walter Carlsnaes
    7. Decision Making: Rational, Psychological, and Neurological Models, Janice Gross Stein
    8. Implementation and Behavior, Christopher Hill & Elisabetta Brighi
    9. The Media and Public Opinion, Piers Robinson
    10. The Primacy of National Security, Brian C. Schmidt
    11. Economic Statecraft, Michael Mastanduno
    12. Duties Beyond Borders, Michael Barnett
    3: Foreign Policy Case Studies
    13. Teaching Foreign Policy Case Studies, Steve Lamy
    14. Operational Analyses of Foreign Policy Decision Making: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Graham Allison
    15. Middle Power Foreign Policy: Canada and Anti-Personnel Landmines, Lloyd Axworthy
    16. Neoconservatism and the Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy, Yuen Foong Khong
    17. China and the Tiananmen Crisis, Rosemary Foot
    18. India and the WHO, Amrita Narlikar
    19. Upcoming Regions: Latin American and Brazil, Arlene Tickner
    20. Australia and Climate Change As Foreign Policy, Matt MacDonald
    21. Israeli-Egyptian (In)Security: The Yom Kippur War, Gareth Stansfield
    22. Britain and the Iraq War, Tim Dunne
    23. Europe and Energy Policy EU-Russia energy dynamics, Amelia Hadfield
    24. New Actors, New Foreign Policy: EU and Enlargement, Lisbeth Aggestam

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