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Forced Out and Fenced In

Immigration Tales From the Field

Tanya Maria Golash-Boza

Publication Date - 15 June 2017

ISBN: 9780190633455

268 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

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Through compelling personal narratives, this innovative and accessible collection brings students into the lives of those trapped in the labyrinths of our country's immigration laws


Former President Barack Obama's administration oversaw three million deportations-far more than any previous President, and more than the sum total of all deportations prior to 1997. President Donald Trump has promised to surpass these record numbers of deportations. With mass deportation constantly in the news, students crave a deeper understanding of how we have arrived at this particular historical moment.

This collection of powerful essays-written by leading scholars in migration studies-puts a human face on mass deportation by telling the stories of people bearing the brunt of immigration law enforcement. Each narrative in Forced Out and Fenced In: Immigration Tales From the Field centers on a person or a small group of people and places their story within the broader socio-legal and historical context. The authors weave the relevant historical, political, and socio-legal analysis throughout each essay, yet the narrative remains the most important element in each piece. The book is ideal for courses on immigration in sociology, anthropology, political science, law and society, ethnic studies, Latino studies, history, geography, and American studies.

About the Author(s)

Tanya Maria Golash-Boza is Professor of Sociology in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts at the University of California, Merced. She is the author of several books, including Race and Racisms: A Critical Approach (OUP, 2015).


"The time for this book is now. I was impressed by the broad and thorough coverage of issues in Forced Out and Fenced In. The narrative structure of the book makes it highly readable and compelling. I love how each chapter centers on a person's story and takes us beyond numbers and ideologies to humanize the cost of the U.S's broken immigration system. This book will become an instant classic, helping contemporary readers to better understand what is going on and why, but also for future readers to gain a nuanced insight into this dark period of U.S. history."--Alejandra Marchevsky, CSU Los Angeles

"The stories in this book are powerful on multiple levels, and the field research conducted to flesh them out is consistently impressive. The stories are often gut-wrenching, yet the authors generally do an excellent job of making their subjects fully human in all of their complexity."--Steven P. Miller, Webster University

"Forced Out and Fenced In's concise anecdotes help to answer a crucial question: 'What happens to people after deportation or removal?' I've wished that I had a vivid reading to cover this question in my classes in the past. Now I do."--Hans Leaman, Yale University

Table of Contents

    Foreword by Robert Lovato

    Introduction: Forced Out and Fenced In, by Tanya Golash-Boza

    Part I: Histories of Exclusion: A Country of Immigrants or Deportation Nation?
    1. Wong Foon Chuck: A Borderlands Life Between China, the United States and Mexico - Elliott Young
    2. Lost in Translation - Mae Ngai
    3. Rebel, Deportee, Governor: The Life of Antonio I. Villarreal - Kelly Lytle Hernandez
    4. Mexican Migrants, Family Separation, and US Immigration Policy Since 1942 - Adam Goodman

    Part II: Families Torn Apart: How Do Deportation Laws Affect Families?
    5. Becoming American - Lisa Martinez
    6. Til Law Do Us Part: Immigration Politics and Mixed Status Family Separation - Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz
    7. Double Jeopardy: Deportation and the Life-Course Rituals of Twin Sisters - Kara Cebulko

    Part III: Living without papers: How Do Undocumented People Navigate the Challenges they Face?
    8. The Law Doesn't Care About Love: Intimate Relationships in Cities with Restrictive Immigration Laws - Angela Garcia
    9. "It's a Strange Condition": Being in College Under a Cloud of Uncertainty - John S. W. Park
    10. How Will I Get My Skull Back? The Embodied Consequences of Immigrant Policing - Nolan Kline

    Part IV: Seeking refuge: What Does It Take to Get Asylum in the United States?
    11. "Is this America?": Asylum Seeking in an Era of Humanitarian Decline - Sarah M. Lakhani
    12. When American Dreams Are Shattered - Tanya Golash-Boza
    13. The Power of Law: How Immigration Policy Shapes Salvadorans' Experience of Family and Motherhood - Maya Pagni Barak

    Part V: Gendered Exclusions: How Are Deportation Experiences Gendered?
    14. Gendered Exclusion: Three Generations of Women Deported to the Dominican Republic - Yolanda C. Martin
    15. Caging Paloma: Illegality and violence along the U.S. Mexico Border - Heidy Sarabia
    16. The Ripple Effects of U.S. Immigration Enforcement: A Young Mexican Deportee's Story of Isolation, Precarity, and Resilience - Christine Wheatley

    Part VI: Deporting DREAMers: How Do 'American' Youth Navigate Their Lives After Deportation?
    17. I Used to Believe in Justice - Juan Carlos Guevara, Angela Stuesse, and Mathew Coleman
    18. No Place Like Home: From High School Graduation to Deportation - Alexis M. Silver
    19. Call Centers, Transnational Mobility, and (Neoliberal) Citizenship - Jill Anderson

    Part VII: Returning "Home": What Happens to Migrants Who Return to the United States After Being Deported?
    20. "No hay otro": An Ecuadorian Tale of Repeated U.S. Immigration - Nancy Hiemstra
    21. Barred Por Vida: María Inez's Battle to Find Health and Well-Being - San Juanita Garcia
    22. Sergio Rodriguez' Dream Deferred: Illegality, Deportation, and the Long Term Impacts of Lives in Limbo - Roberto Gonzales