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Fly Cycle 2

Mary S. Tyler and Ronald N. Kozlowski

Publication Date - 07 March 2003

ISBN: 9780878938490

DVD (Video)

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Acquaints students with the fruit fly life cycle and a number of the mutants used in introductory courses


Fly Cycle2 is a DVD adaptation of the film, Fly Cycle: The Lives of a Fly, Drosophila melanogaster (Mary S. Tyler, Jamie W. Schnetzer and David Tartaglia, Sinauer Associates, 1996). The DVD is formatted for Macintosh and Windows systems. It includes forty minutes of QuickTime movies, depicting details on the biology and life cycle of Drosophila--adult courting and mating, embryonic development, larval growth, imaginal discs and salivary glands, metamorphosis, and a gallery of mutants used in research.

Fly Cycle2 is designed to be used at a number of educational levels. At high school and introductory undergraduate levels, it can acquaint students with the fruit fly life cycle and a number of the mutants used in introductory courses. For more advanced undergraduates in developmental biology and genetics courses, and for graduate students beginning their research on Drosophila, the DVD introduces the many specifics they will need to know, and techniques for examining the organism in detail.

New on this DVD are:

The DVD version features improved video and audio quality, and a new scene selection feature. Additional material is available from the Fly Cycle web page, including: a 40-page booklet that includes extensive information on each video segment, a complete set of instructions for laboratory study, and online puzzles and questions.

About the Author(s)

Mary S. Tyler is a Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at the University of Maine, Orono. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1975, under the direction of W. E. Koch. From there she undertook a NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship at Dalhousie University, working with Dr. B. K. Hall, before joining the University of Maine faculty in 1976. Among several awards, she received the University's Distinguished Maine Professor Award in 1981 and the Most Inspiring Professor of the Year Award from University of Maine Student Government in 1997. In 2011, she received the Viktor Hamburger Oustanding Educator Prize from the Society for Developmental Biology. Dr. Tyler's research interests have been primarily in vertebrate embryonic development, studying organ development and tissue interactions using in vitro experimental techniques. She has examined interactions in a variety of organs in the facial region, including the palate, mandible, maxilla, and skull. More recently her interests have included the history of science, and the genetics of development, using Drosophila as a model system.

Ronald N. Kozlowski is Director of the Biology New Media Lab at the University of Maine, Orono. Working with Dr. Mary S. Tyler, he received an M.S. in Biology in 2000. He was project manager of a National Science Foundation-funded project called Environmental Engineering Process Dynamic Laboratory, directed by Dr. L. Katz, University of Texas, Austin. This resulted in the production of an educational Web site showcased by NSF at the ASEE conference in Seattle,1998, as a model site for distant education. Ron has also instructed Apple Computer employees in how the "engagement process" works between clients and developers in higher education. He is a board member of Silva Borealis, a non-profit biology-based foundation in which he also serves as the chief technical officer.

Previous Publication Date(s)

November 1996

Table of Contents


    Life Cycle

    Adult or Imago


    Male's Love Song


    Egg Laying



    Embryonic Development

    Early Embryogenesis



    Larval Dissection

    Metamorphosis [Summary]

    Prepupal Heart

    Prepupal Stages

    Head Eversion

    Pupal Stages


    Wing Inflation

    Genes and Mutant Flies


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