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Fluid Mechanics

Irfan A. Khan

Publication Date - June 1995

ISBN: 9780030714733

528 pages

Retail Price to Students: $244.99


This comprehensive general introduction to the principles and applications of fluid mechanics introduces microcomputers to problem solving, allowing students to attempt lengthy problems in class. Presented in a clear style, Fluid Mechanics uses more pedagogical features than most comparable texts. The text derives basic equations using a physical as well as an integral approach, thereby aiding student comprehension. Comments on student errors to help minimize mistakes made by students during problem solving.

Table of Contents

    1. Fluid Properties
    2. Fluid Statics
    3. Fluid Kinematics
    4. Fluid Dynamics
    5. Fluid Momentum
    6. Dimensional Analysis and Dynamic Similitude
    7. Fluid Resistance
    8. Laminar Flow
    9. Turbulent Flow in Pipes
    10. Open-Channel Flow
    11. Compressible Flow