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Film Studies

Critical Approaches

Edited by John Hill and Pamela Church Gibson
Consultant Editors: Richard Dyer, E. Ann Kaplan, and Paul Willemen

Publication Date - 17 February 2000

ISBN: 9780198742807

248 pages


The most up-to-date critical guide available, Film Studies: Critical Approaches covers all the significant theories, debates, and approaches to the subject. A team of international experts provides a clear and comprehensive overview of all the major theoretical and critical approaches involved in film analysis, including detailed coverage of established critical traditions--such as semiotics, feminism, and psychoanalysis--as well as important new areas of study such as film audiences and reception, queer theory, and identity politics. Chapter summaries and further reading lists help students to assimilate the material. Ideal for courses in film criticism and textual analysis, Film Studies: Critical Approaches guides students through the maze of theory to the heart of the subject.


  • The original three volume version of this text has sold nearly 8000 copies since publication in February 1998
  • First class team of international contributors
  • Comprehensive guide to recent theoretical developments
  • Learning aids include chapter summaries, guides to further reading, 'highlight quotes', and 'readings' of particular films designed to demonstrate different theoretical approaches
  • Illustrated throughout; includes classics film stills

Table of Contents

    Introduction, John Hill
    Part One: Critical Approaches
    1. Introduction to Film Studies, Richard Dyer
    Studying the Film Text
    2. The Film Text and Film Form, Robert Phillip Kolker
    Written on the Wind, Robin Wood
    Citizen Kane, Peter Wollen
    3. Film Acting, Paul McDonald
    4. Film Costume, Pamela Church Gibson
    5. Film Music, Claudia Gorbman
    The Film Text: Theoretical Developments
    6. Classic Film Theory and Semiotics, Anthony Easthope
    7. Formalism and Neo-formalism, Ian Christie
    Poetry and Prose in Cinema, Victor Schlovsky
    8. Impressionism, Surrealism, and Film Theory, Robert B. Ray
    9. Film and Psychocanalysis, Barbara Creed
    10. Post-Structuralism and Deconstruction, Peter Brunette
    11. Film and Postmodernism, John Hill
    Film Text and Context: Gender, Ideology, and Identities
    12. Marxism and Film, Chuck Kleinhans
    The Political Thriller Debate, John Hill
    13. Feminism and Film, Patricia White
    Rebecca, Mary Anne Doane
    Rebecca, Tania Modleski
    14. Gay and Lesbian Criticism, Anneke Smelik
    15. Queer Theory, Alexander Doty
    16. Pornography, Laura Kipnis
    17. Race, Ethnicity, and Film, Robyn Wiegman
    18. Film and Cultural Identity, Rey Chow
    Film Text and Context: Culture, History, and Reception
    19. Film and History, Dudley Andrew
    20. Sociology and Film, Andrew Tudor
    21. Cultural Studies and Film, Graeme Turner
    22. Film Audiences, Jostein Gripsrud
    23. Hermeneutics, Reception Aesthetics, and Film Interpretation, Noel King