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Film Music

An Introduction in 11 Takes

Author John Haines

Publication Date - 20 August 2021

ISBN: 9780190883348

304 pages
7 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches

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A current and relatable introduction to film music and its history.


Film Music: An Introduction in 11 Takes is an introduction to film music that is global in scope as well as practical in outlook, featuring dozens of interviews with film industry insiders. This textbook teaches today's student how to better understand the conventions of film music in a global and musical context. Film Music's practical approach introduces students to a range of topics; each chapter features a full-length interview with one music professional, discussion of a musical product specific to the chapter's time period (like sheet music or DVD), one composer, one singer, a film genre, a musical instrument and two countries outside the United States.


  • Extensive interviews with the people who make film music - Each chapter features interviews with film music professionals both in the book and on the website
  • Contemporary focus - The text contains up-to-date coverage of film music theory, new media, and focus on recent films after 2012
  • An emphasis on global film --Readers can learn about global film musical traditions through balanced coverage of all five continents film industries, Global Shot boxes, and Country in the Spotlight boxes

About the Author(s)

John Haines is Professor of Music History at the University of Toronto, where he is affiliated with the Faculty of Music, Centre for Medieval Studies and Cinema Studies Institute.


"Film Music: An Introduction in 11 Takes presents film music concepts in an accessible manner, using an approachable writing style. The book includes examples from contemporary movies familiar to the majority of students and features important content related to global cinema." - Sergi Casanelles, New York University

"This book has many compelling features for the film music course. Its listening guides; the structural analyses of key films; and the inclusion of technical aspects of film production and technique are welcome additions to a film music textbook. - Eldonna L. May, Wayne State University

Table of Contents


    Preview 6 Questions
    Question #1: What's the Story?
    Question #2: Where's It Coming From?
    Question #3: What Emotion?
    Question #4: What Instrument?
    Question #5: What Style?
    Question #6: What's Repeated?

    Take 1 Live Movie Music: The First 30 Years
    State of the Industry: The Birth of a Global Business
    Featured Product: Sheet Music
    Star Composer: Camile Saint-Saëns
    Double Feature - Historical Drama: The Birth of a Nation (1915) and The Birth of a Nation (2016)
    Solo Break: Accordion
    Country in the Spotlight: France

    Take 2 Recorded Music: The 1920s
    State of the Industry: Sound-on-disc v. Sound-on-film
    Featured Product: Gramophone Record
    Star Composer: Hans Zimmer
    Double Feature - Romance: Sunrise (1927) and Trainwreck (2015)
    Solo Break: The Piano
    Country in the Spotlight: Germany

    Take 3 Mass Production: The 1930s
    State of the Industry: Music at Hollywood's Dream Factory
    Featured Product: Microphone
    Star Composer: Max Steiner
    Double Feature - Musical: The Wizard of Oz (1939) and For Love's Sake (Ai To Makoto, 2012)
    Solo Break: Violin
    Country in the Spotlight: Japan

    Take 4 The Business of War: The 1940s
    State of the Industry: Apex of the Hollywood Oligopoly
    Featured Product: Single Record
    Star Composer: Miklós Rózsa
    Double Feature - War Drama: Wild Flower (Flor silvestre, 1943) and Dunkirk (2017)
    Solo Break: Theremin
    Country in the Spotlight: Mexico

    Take 5 What to Do with Television? The 1950s

    State of the Industry: The Teenpic and Hollywood's Move into Television
    Featured Product: Long-Playing Record
    Star Composer: Bernard Hermann
    Double Feature - Western: The Searchers (1956) and The Magnificent Seven (2016)
    Solo Break: The Trumpet
    Country in the Spotlight: India

    Take 6 The Atomic Blues: The 1960s
    State of the Industry: Tie-In Songs and the Monothematic Score
    Featured Product: 8-Track Tape
    Star Composer: Ennio Morricone
    Double Feature - Sci-Fi Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Snowpiercer (2013)
    Solo Break: Guitar
    Country in the Spotlight: England

    Take 7 Blockbuster: The 1970s

    State of the Industry: The Pop Soundtrack and the Classical Blockbuster
    Featured Product: AM Headset Radio
    Star Composer: John Williams
    Double Feature - Horror Film: Carrie (1977) and It (2017)
    Solo Break: Drums
    Country in the Spotlight: Egypt

    Take 8 Blockbuster: The 1970s
    State of the Industry: Synthpop and Synergy
    Featured Product: Videotape Cassette
    Star Composer: Vangelis
    Double Feature - Superhero Movie: Batman (1989) and Deadpool (2016)
    Solo Break: Synthesizer
    Country in the Spotlight: Nigeria

    Take 9 Mega Pic: The 1990s
    State of the Industry: Mega Companies and Soundtrack Sales
    Featured Product: DVD
    Star Composer: Rachel Portman
    Double Feature - Animated Film: Toy Story (1995) and Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo, 2013)
    Solo Break: Pennywhistle
    Country in the Spotlight: Brazil

    Take 10 What to Do with the Internet? The Aughts

    State of the Industry: The Digital Soundtrack and the Rise of Epic Music
    Featured Product: iPod
    Star Composer: Gustavo Santaolalla
    Double Feature - Documentary: Bowling for Columbine (2002) and Earth: One Amazing Day (2017)
    Solo Break: Didgeridoo
    Country in the Spotlight: New Zealand

    Take 11 Film Music Beyond Film: The 2010s
    State of the Industry: New Media and Return to Monopoly
    Featured Product: iPhone
    Star Composer: Michael Giacchino
    Double Feature - Fantasy Film: The Mermaid (Mei ren yu, 2016) and The Shape of Water (2017)
    Solo Break: Erhu
    Country in the Spotlight: China