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Exploring Masculinities

Identity, Inequality, Continuity and Change

C.J. Pascoe and Tristan Bridges

Publication Date - 13 July 2015

ISBN: 9780199315673

448 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

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The only masculinities reader organized around different approaches to studying masculinity


Exploring Masculinities: Identity, Inequality, Continuity, and Change is a comprehensive and contemporary reader for the growing field of men's and masculinities studies. It takes a conceptual approach by covering the wide range of scholarship being done on masculinities beyond the model of hegemonic masculinity. C.J. Pascoe and Tristan Bridges extend the boundaries of the field and provide a new framework for understanding masculinities studies. Rather than taking a topics-based approach to masculinity, Exploring Masculinities offers an innovative conceptual approach that enables students to study a given phenomenon from a variety of perspectives. It divides up the field in ways that provide accessible introductions to complex debates and key intra- and interdisciplinary distinctions. The book provides a portable set of conceptual tools on which scholars and students can rely to analyze masculinities in different contexts, time periods, and embodiments.

About the Author(s)

C.J. Pascoe is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Oregon.

Tristan Bridges is Assistant Professor of Sociology at The College at Brockport, State University of New York.

Table of Contents


    Introduction: (Re)Theorizing Masculinities: History, Hegemony, Reproduction, and Dislocation

    Part I: Historicizing Masculinities
    Historicizing Masculinities: An Introduction
    Reading 1. "Remaking Manhood through Race and 'Civilization," by Gail Bederman
    Reading 2. "Houdini, Tarzan, and the Perfect Man," by John Kasson
    Reading 3. "Romantic Friendship: Male Intimacy and Middle-Class Youth in Northern United States 1800-1900," by E. Anthony Rotundo
    Reading 4. "Clothing and Gender in America: Children's Fashions, 1890-1920," by Jo B. Paoletti
    Reading 5. "Shell-shock as Social Disease," by George Mosse
    Reading 6. "Breadwinners and Losers: Sanctions Against Male Deviance," by Barbara Ehrenreich
    Reading 7. "Guyland: Gendering the Transition to Adulthood," by Michael Kimmel

    Part II: Multiplying Masculinities
    Multiplying Masculinities: An Introduction
    Reading 8. "The Social Organization of Masculinity," by Raewyn Connell
    Reading 9. "Retrofitting Frontier Masculinity for Alaska's War against Wolves," by Sine Anahita and Tamara L. Mix
    Reading 10. "Soft-Boiled Masculinity: Renegotiating Gender and Racial Ideologies in the Promise Keepers Movement," by Melanie Heath
    Reading 11. "Synthesized Masculinities: The Mechanics of Manhood among Delinquent Boys," by Victor Rios and Rachel Sarabia
    Reading 12. "Inclusive Masculinities," by Eric Anderson
    Reading 13. "Healthy for Whom?-Males, Men, and Masculinity: a Reflection on the Doing (and Study) of Dominance," by Matthew B. Ezzell
    Reading 14. "On Patriarchs and Losers: Rethinking Men's Interests," by Michael Messner
    Reading 15. "Masculinities and Structured Action," by James Messerschmidt

    Part III: Navigating Masculinities
    Navigating Masculinities: An Introduction
    Reading 16. "'Do it for all Your Pubic Hairs!': Latino Boys, Masculinity, and Puberty," by Richard Mora
    Reading 17. "'My Passport Says Shawn'-Toward a Hip-Hop Cosmopolitanism," by Mark Anthony Neal
    Reading 18. "Masculinity Dilemmas," Amy Wilkins
    Reading 19. "Styled Masculinity: Men's Consumption of Salon Hair Care and the Construction of Difference," by Kristen Barber
    Reading 20. "Becoming a Firefighter," by Matthew Desmond
    Reading 21. "Insider/Outsider Masculinities: A Bourdieuian Approach to Gender," by Adam Reich
    Reading 22. "Manning Up to Being Gay," by Anthony Ocampo
    Reading 23. "Negotiating the Field of Masculinity: The Production and Reproduction of Multiple Dominant Masculinities," by Tony Coles

    Part IV: Dislocating Masculinities
    Dislocating Masculinities-An Introduction
    Reading 24. "Research on Men and Masculinities: Some Implications of Recent Theory for Future Work," by Alan Petersen
    Reading 25. "An Introduction to Female Masculinity: Masculinity without Men," by J. Jack Halberstam
    Reading 26. "Gosh, Boy George, You Must be Awfully Secure in Your Masculinity!" by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
    Reading 27. "Midwest or Lesbian?: Gender, Rurality, and Sexuality," by Emily Kazyak
    Reading 28. "William's Doll and Me," by Karl Bryant
    Reading 29. "Penis Panics: Maleness, Masculinity, and the Matrix of Sexual Threat," by Laurel Westbrook and Kristen Schilt
    Reading 30. "Navigating Vulnerability and Fear: Rethinking the Relationship between Violence and Contemporary Masculinity," by Miriam Abelson
    Reading 31. "Dude-Sex: White Masculinities and 'Authentic' Heterosexual among Dudes who have Sex with Dudes" by Jane Ward
    Reading 32. "Masculinities and Post-Homophobias" by Tristan Bridges and C.J. Pascoe

    Conclusion: Historicizing, Multiplying, Navigating and Dislocating: Looking to the Future of Gender Theory

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