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Exploring Marine Biology

Laboratory and Field Exercises

Paul A. Haefner, Jr.

Publication Date - 05 May 1996

ISBN: 9780195148176

272 pages
8-1/2 x 11 inches


This book is the only manual of its kind with exercises that apply to the diverse marine habitats of North America. The manual meets the needs of any introductory marine biology student, from the non-major to the prospective major with a background in the biological sciences. Each unit includes a broad range of exercises, so that instructors using the manual can select the exercises that best match the needs of their introductory course. The manual is also unique in providing extensively illustrated identification keys for three of the major marine lifeforms, allowing students to identify and classify organisms within the invertebrates, plankton, and fishes.

Table of Contents

    Unit 1. Temperature, Salinity, Density, and Dissolved Oxygen
    I. Analytical Procedures
    A. Determination of Salinity
    B. Determination of Dissolved Oxygen
    II. Applications of Termperature, Salinity, and Dissolved Oxygen Data
    Unit 2. Marine Invertebrate Classification and Identification
    Unit 3. Benthic Invertebrates
    Unit 4. Benthic Meiofauna
    A. Representatives of Meiofauna
    B. Sediments and Interstitial Spaces
    C. Meiofaunal Search
    Unit 5. Aquatic Plants; Macroalgae and Sea Grasses
    A. Morphology and Diversity of Macroscopic Marine Algae
    B. Morphology and Diversity of Sea Grasses
    Unit 6. Epibiota of Algae and Sea Grasses
    Unit 7. Photosynthetic Pigments of Marine Macroalgae
    Unit 8. Plankton
    A. Representatives of the Plankton Community
    B. Composition of the Plankton
    C. Observation of Living Plankton
    D. Quantitative Analysis of Plankton Sample
    Unit 9. Fish Morphology and Diversity
    A. External Morphology
    B. Fish Diversity
    Unit 10. Internal Anatomy of a Bony Fish
    Unit 11. Fouling Communities
    A. Qualitative Assessment of a Fouling Community
    B. Quantitative Assessment of a Fouling Community
    Unit 12. Sampling the Seashore
    A. Pretrip Planning and Preparation
    B. Suggested Field Projects and Exercises
    C. Fundamental Ecological Observations
    Unit 13. Offshore Sampling
    A. Physical and Chemical Sampling
    B. Biological Sampling

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