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Exploring Judicial Politics

Edited by Mark C. Miller

Publication Date - April 2008

ISBN: 9780195343076

384 pages
7-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

This volume presents twenty original essays by political scientists and judicial scholars on a variety of topics relative to judicial politics.


Exploring Judicial Politics presents twenty original essays by political scientists and judicial scholars on a variety of topics relative to judicial politics. These readings explore the ways in which law and politics intertwine in the United States and cover issues from the trial court level all the way to the Supreme Court, taking into account the various actors in the American legal system. In addition, they provide insights into how judicial scholars go about studying and interpreting various phenomena in the field.

Exploring Judicial Politics is an ideal resource for undergraduate courses in Judicial Politics, U.S. Courts, and Law and Society.

About the Author(s)

Mark C. Miller is Associate Professor of Government and Director of the Law & Society Program at Clark University.

Table of Contents

    Tables and Figures
    1. Introduction: The Study of Judicial Politics, Mark C. Miller
    2. Differences in State Judicial Selection, Aman L. McLeod
    3. In Their Own Interest: Pressure Groups in the Federal Judicial Selection Process, Lauren Cohen Bell
    4. Bringing the Lawyers Back In, Lynn Mather
    5. The Politics of Jury Reform, Robert G. Boatright
    6. State Trial Courts: Achieving Justice in Civil Litigation, Nicole L. Waters, Shauna M. Strickland, and Brian J. Ostrom
    7. U.S. District Courts, Litigation, and the Policy-Making Process, Jeb Barnes
    8. State Supreme Courts as Policymakers: Are They Loved?, Laura Langer and Teena Wilhelm
    9. Appellate Workhorses of the Federal Judiciary: The U.S. Courts of Appeals, Wendy L. Martinek
    10. The Solicitor General: Learned in the Law and Politics, Peter N. Ubertaccio III
    11. Sorcerers' Apprentices: U.S. Supreme Court Law Clerks, Artemus Ward
    12. The Emergence and Evolution of Supreme Court Policy, Richard L. Pacelle, Jr.
    13. A Court of Laws or a Super Legislature?: An Integrated Model of Supreme Court Decision Making, Bryan W. Marshall, Richard L. Pacelle, Jr., and Christine Ludowise
    14. Is There Really a Countermajoritarian Problem?, Michael Comiskey
    15. Resistance to the Judiciary: The Boundaries of Judicial Power, Richard A. Brisbin, Jr.
    16. The Supreme Court and Race, Barbara A. Perry
    17. Women and the Law, Judith A. Baer
    18. The Federal Courts and Terrorism, Louis Fisher
    19. The Interactions Between the Federal Courts and the Other Branches, Mark C. Miller
    20. Comparative Judicial Studies, Nancy Maveety
    The Papers of the Justices
    Table of Cases

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